Best locations to construct a base in Subnautica game

Best locations to construct a base in Subnautica game

Top base building positions in Subnautica free play

Best Locations in Subnautica game

There are many territories in your favorite Subnautica game that are appropriate for setting up your first floor.

Jellyshroom Caves

It is an impressive destination with a remarkable view. The caves are full of resources valuable to support your future construction. Get ready to explore a great region for your own thermal power generators and you will soon obtain an incredible house. Be careful! You can get troubles with crabsnakes!

The Floating Island

It can become a peaceful accommodation for someone joining Subnautica free download because you cannot find any predator here. It brings a nice spot to construct. Unfortunately, it has no many materials. Therefore, you are recommended to carry some items before you depart. It is next to Degasi bases and it includes tons of plants that you can mine to collect food.

The Cove Tree

Kick off Subnautica game for pc you should not skip one of the most amazing whereabouts! It contains countless materials. It is near the lava zone. Like the floating island, it is difficult to encounter predatory animals. It is a stunning product of nature. However, it is very deep. So, select a Cyclops or the PRAWN suit to visit there.

Kelp Forrest

Although the place is dark, it can turn into a big treasure for players of Subnautica game download for PC when you realize that it hides lots of supplies. Moreover, it is capable to charge up with solar power.

Mushroom Forrest

Your journey is coming to the end due to you have already entered one of the last stations in Subnautica for Xbox One. It’s not easy to deny that creating a base in trees is extremely fun. Besides, you can absorb the sunlight faster. It is located a short distance away from a warp gate. Likewise, it displays a marvelous landscape.

Grassy Plateau

It is a biome in Subnautica game which grants an open world where you can form your settlement and approach solar power. You can catch sight of wrecks nearby. It is close to the beginning point and several thermal vents. You will have a lot of Reefback friends here.

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