How to launch Subnautica in VR

How to launch Subnautica in VR

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The best way to begin to engage in Subnautica Download in VR

We will show you, loyal fans of Subnautica game on PC the foremost step to play your adventure in VR or in virtual reality. So, the tutorial will be reserved for those who did not find out any methods to kick off their controls.

Subnautica Download in VR

How to embark on Subnautica game in VR

Note that you can feel annoyed if you do not recognize the most suitable tip to get started in Subnautica Steam in VR! Keep calm! Everything can be resolved easily once you follow our guide.

  • Firstly, we have a few backgrounds. Remember that Subnautica PS4 is a game which is not designed for VR. However, it is not boring. In other words, you are not able to deploy your VR controllers after you download Subnautica. Therefore, it is essential to choose a mouse and a keyboard or an Xbox controller. The first two tools will allow you to look around 360 or act up and direct.
  • Secondly, it is extremely difficult to activate Subnautica Xbox One when you do not own an Xbox controller. It is impossible to utilize the mouse with the keyboard until you complete some set up that is not feasible to do with a mouse and keys. “Kind of a Catch-22”. It is searched with diligence.

How to solve the problem

It is straightforward to figure out the solution for the trouble you encounter in releasing Subnautica.

  • In case you are equipped with a joystick, please plug it in before you join Subnautica game.
  • Download Subnautica Multiplayer in VR and wear the headset. Additionally, get ready to hold the joystick in one hand.
  • Next, you can interact with “Options”. The section should be highlighted in orange to be rolled out.
  • Do not skip the item “Controller”!
  • Single out “Gaze-based pointing” piece, then
  • That helps you trigger your VR headphones to observe whichever you want to opt for and press the mouse button.

After you implement every instruction, you can explore the keyboard bindings in the Options menu and rush into the new world!

Good luck!

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