Play Subnautica: 3 Lives Challenge Part 1 – Subnautica Game

Play Subnautica: 3 Lives Challenge Part 1 – Subnautica Game

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Subnautica game

Subnautica is an adventurous survival game taking place in the oceanic planets. The game is already in Early Access period, and it’s currently downloadable on Steam at $19,99. Most of the players will have an amazing experience when joining Subnautica game! They will also have a chance to improve their surviving skills by fulfilling a variety of activities such as crafting items, building submarines, bases, gathering resources, or even confronting the carnivorous predators. You will start your whole new life under the water! Before entering your game, you can check out the gameplay video about Subnautica game with 3 lives challenge part 1!

Starting your new adventure

At the beginning of the game, you’re taking control of your spaceship, but seemingly, it was being crashed into an oceanic planet, leading to the bad damages! Now, you’re in the poor spaceship without any useful things for your survival, and more importantly, it’s under the water. For surviving, you have to stand up and go outside to check out the surroundings! Your inventory is completely empty; it’s time to fill it up! Go explore now! Your adventure has already begun!

Resource gathering

So what can you collect under the water? That’s a lot to take it! As you know, the oceanic life is extremely various. There are lots of materials that you can find if you take a deep dive into the water. They are fundamental substances that you’re supposed to collect in order to craft your basic weapons, items and cook foods, such as Titanium, Limestone, Lithinum, Copper, Airsacks, Boomerangs, and much more. When you got basic weapons, like a sharp knife for survival, you can begin another material quest by going deep down the ocean to hunt for more rare materials. Stay alert to the surroundings when you go explore! There might be some of the hostile predators roaming around the areas nearby you. Keep discovering materials and collect them until your inventory is full!

Crafting Items

This is a significant period in the game! After collecting all the materials outside, you will head back to your base and start crafting stuff. There is a fabricator in your ship, and it’s an important thing to help you create your items. When you’re done the collecting, go place the items in it for the manufacturing, then store them in inventory. You can also reconstruct your base using the crafted items you got.
Subnautica game will be a fantastic experience that you have ever got! The game features 4 modes, including Survival, Freedom, Hardcore and Creative. During the game, you should also keep an eye on the stats bar showing your Oxygen level, health, and so on. For further details, check the gameplay video below now!

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