Subnautica Livestream: Aurora Update 1/2 – Subnautica Game

Subnautica Livestream: Aurora Update 1/2 – Subnautica Game

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Subnautica Livestream

Subnautica Livestream: Aurora Update 1/2 - Subnautica Game

Are you willing to explore a new underwater life in Subnautica game? This game is an open world filled with untouched creatures, plants, materials and much more. You will take a deep dive into the water and start your new life. Subnautica is still in Early Access period, and it’s currently being developed at Unknown Worlds. This is an amazing game that can help lots of people make their dreams come true, especially those who are fond of adventurous challenges. Most of the people when spawning the game are so confused because they have no idea about how far distance they can reach. They have to go outside and discover everything to survive in the wild environment like that, as they try to stay alert to all surroundings. The game also gives them a chance to upgrade their surviving skill in order to deal with threats and toughness, or even dangerous carnivorous predators living in the ocean. If you are interested in Subnautica, now you can catch up with the updates, other info or even check out awesome features by watching its livestream gameplay video! Explore Aurora update of the game now!


You will start off your game with your spaceship that is already crashed into the oceanic planet. Don’t panic! This is the place that you should be! Go take a look at your ship after landing. Wow! It’s so damaged due to that crash. Probably you already know what you should do for your survival! It’s time to explore outside the ship and check out the surroundings.

Venturing into the Ocean

Before you take a deep dive into the water, let’s see what item you can bring! Well, the possibility of you having a good tool is extremely low. This could be because your ship has crashed and there is completely nothing existing in your inventory. So, you will have to dive into the water using your hands to interact with the oceanic stuff.

Collecting Materials

One of the most fundamental activities in Subnautica game is gathering materials and resources. Since you’re having an empty inventory, now you must make it full by discovering materials outside of your ship, collecting the basic substances, foods such as Airsacks, Boomeranges, Peepers, or even breaking Limestones and much more. Try to collect useful stuff so that you can craft powerful weapons and cook good foods for your survival

Crafting Items

When you’re done collecting materials, it’s time for you to craft and cook them! You will have to move to a fabricator in which your items can be crafted. After that, you can place them in the inventory and use the items you just got for gathering tougher materials, or even survive in the ocean at night.

Stick with us to explore more forthcoming gameplay videos! You can go to this link to watch more livestream videos if you want!

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