Build Complete Bases In Subnautica Game With 48 Inventory Slots: Bio Base – Indoor Growbed

Build Complete Bases In Subnautica Game With 48 Inventory Slots: Bio Base – Indoor Growbed

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Forward Bases

In Subnautica game, you need to get a personal inventory and Seamoth or a Cyclops to embark on builds.

They should be equipped with everything which is necessary for you to explore deep seas. Once forward bases have essential items like a full inventory, they will allow you to build. Additionally, they will force you to collect some pieces so you can finish the own interior. Among resources that you are required to gather, Titanium can be found easily.

Amenities that you own can consist of a Fabricator, a Scanner Room, a Water Filter, a Power Cell Charger and a beautiful lifelike Plant Garden.

Gel Sac

Gel Sac

Gel Sacs is known as an edible flora species when you play Subnautica. You can use them to craft Aerogel. You can find them on walls of caves. They will attach to those spots. You are able to pick up or wield a knife and harvest for Gel Sack Spores without difficulty. Both of them can be planted in an Exterior Growbed later. Gel Sacs are really useful for you to dive since they will supply the most food and water for each slot. Besides, they do not become rotten.

Having a garden in Subnautica steam will take you t more time than taking care of other plants. However, they are a renewable food source that will not run out. Gel Sacs will soon fill up your inventory and provide more energy while you are swimming around.

Outdoor Growbeds

Outdoor growbeds can cause nearby schools of fish to come to a place that you want and you can cook with no effort. It is a good idea when you are in deep areas in which edible creatures are rare and ocean beasts are wandering around.

Bio Base – Indoor Growbed

You can choose Flora in Subnautica pc to gain fuel. Marblemelons will give you water. You can put down a bed to make plants grow faster.

Energy Values

You can take a look at the wiki for the full list. Click here

Obligatory objects to bring:

Items Quantity
Habitat Builder 1
Thermoblade 1
Marblemelon 1
Quartz 1
Lubricant 1
Copper 2
Copper Wire 1
Gold 2
Fiber Mesh 1
Aerogel 1
Wiring Kit 1
Advanced Wiring Kit 1
Table Coral 2
Ruby 2
Lithium 1
Titanium 27
Total Slots used 51/48

Search for 1 Titanium to complete the base.


Here is the list of recipes that you are advised to have if you’d like to form something in Subnautica game.

  • A Multi-purpose Room – 6 Titanium
  • A Hatch – 2 Titanium, 1 Quartz
  • A Plant Pot – 1 Titanium (set down a Marblemelon, pick a knife and change it into seeds, then replant)
  • A Water Filter – 3 Titanium, 1 Copper Wire, 1 Aerogel
  • A Bioreactor – 3 Titanium, 1 Wiring Kit, 1 Lubricant (seek organic materials outwardly)
  • A Narrow Bed – 1 Titanium, 1 Fiber Mesh
  • A Scanner Room – 5 Titanium, 2 Copper, 1 Gold, 1 Table Coral
  • A Fabricator – 1 Titanium, 1 Gold, 1 Table Coral
  • A Power Cell Charger – 2 Titanium, 1 Advanced Wiring Kit, 2 Ruby
  • A Reinforcement – 3 Titanium, 1 Lithium (available to be chosen but not required)

You can locate Marblemelon in the Plant Pot. Next, cut and divide it into 4 Marblemelon Seeds. Eventually, you will plant these seeds anew.

Marblemelon in the Plant Pot

You are recommended to look for fishes and plants according to the current Subnautica update. Gash and utilize them for Bioreactor fuel whilst you are waiting for their growth.


Although having the continuous 1 Power, you can stay alive in the base for 1 hour. So, you do not have to worry about anything during that period of time while you do not consume any fish, Marblemelon, or drink any water bottle. After the filter generates 2 Salt and 2 Water, you can store them there and stop producing. Sleep and let the bioreactor create a surplus of energy.

Have fun!

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