How To Get Jack’s Septic Tank And Mark’s Unusual Doll LEGIT In Subnautica Game!

How To Get Jack’s Septic Tank And Mark’s Unusual Doll LEGIT In Subnautica Game!

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How to Get Jack’s Septic Tank & Mark’s Unusual Doll Legally

Subnautica game is an exciting adventure set on an exotic alien planet which is full of water. You will be forced to manage in order to survive and adapt the new environment after your starship crashed. Aside from difficulties at the beginning such as finding food, crafting, or building, you can take part in a lot of mysterious trips and encounter tons of bizarre creatures. Everything will not stop there because you will have more opportunities to meet up with other more interesting secrets.

If you have ever witnessed Jacksepiceye’s playthrough and wondered “How the hell did he get Sam?!”, you may want to see Markiplier’s Let’s Play and observe the little bobblehead or own it. Here is the best guide for you.


If you are looking for that sweet YouTuber merch in Subnautica download game, you have arrived at the right place.


Jack’s Septic Tank

In order to obtain that special item, you are required to open up the Settings Menu from the title screen. Don’t worry! It will not hack the game or spoil anything.

Afterward, click on “Redeem a Key” before you copy the following code:

Jack's Septic Tank


Next, you are able to craft a Jack’s Septic Tank in any file. Keep in mind that it will only work on PC!

The Unusual Doll (Markiplier)

Mark’s object, dissimilar to Jacks, does not ask a code. Actually, he is in a Lifepod located somewhere in Subnautica PC. It is exactly Lifepod 7.

The Unusual Doll (Markiplier)

Its coordinates are corrupted. Therefore, you are recommended to search. Nevertheless, the simplest and least risky method is to depart from your Lifepod and go south on the compass.

You need to come across the crag field biome.

 across the crag field biome

After that, you will pass the first type of “mountain” of rocks in Subnautica steam. You can look behind the second one. The Lifepod 7 should be in that area.

Enter and glance at everything inside. And, there he is, Markiplier himself! Remember that you are advised to scan him for blueprints! Additionally, you cannot pick him up.


Random Trivia

  • Both of the two dolls that you have discovered in Subnautica game will show lines from characters Jack and Mark early access playthroughs.
  • For Jack’s doll, it was a code that 1,000 persons could receive after it came out at the initial time. But, everybody can take it when the full release is available.
  • Mark’s bobblehead will take the role of him.
  • They must have 1Titanium and 1 Glass to be generated.

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