How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

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How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

How To Keep Your Saved Game After An Update

Subnautica download is an amazing game in which you will become a reluctant adventurer after your ship crashed and landed on a new planet covered with water. To improve the quality and attract more players, the development team added a lot of updates and improvements along with fixes, etc. However, this can make fans confused when many of them don’t know how to keep the saved game after an update. The guide below will give you and these people the best way to deal with this problem. There are a few specific steps that you should master including:

Step 1: Pay attention to the build or version number!

You are recommended to take note of the Build or Version Number. It means that you need to write down five digit numbers located at the top right corner of the Subnautica download’s title screen after you embark on the adventure. These numbers are very necessary for you later. Aside from that, you DO NOT open your saved game. If you try to do so, some files will be replaced while they are required so as to work. In case you have just played in your saved game after Subnautica game has been improved, this guide will not help you.

Step 2: Update your current Subnautica game version!

After you write down or take note the own build/ version number, you will be able to find out the folder of your favorite Subnautica game. The way that constitutes Subnautica game folder is different depending on Operating System (OS) that you use. If you are operating Windows 10, you can use the pathway for that OS. But, you use a dissimilar OS and you recognize what the pathway is to your Subnautica folder, please share to get a suitable update. Well, you may want to move to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Subnautica\ if you apply Windows 10.

When you are in the Subnautica folder, you can head to your SNAppData folder and visit SavedGames folder. There are some folders named slot0000, slot0001, slot0002, etc. Look for which of these folders having your saved game data. You will be only possible to see a screenshots folder if a folder doesn’t possess any saved game data.

In the saved game folder that you have, you will get three folders and lots of files below them. Scroll down to the bottom area to collect a file named “gameinfo.json”. Before you act anything else in Subnautica download, you should create a backup version of this file and store it in the place that you want to avoid something will go wrong.

After that, you will open this file as a Notepad or Notepad++ document. Search for “changeset”. Aside from that word, you should spot five digits. They represent your game’s previous build/version number. You are allowed to replace this five digit number with the one you saw on your Subnautica game’s title screen, which is the overhauled build/version number of the update. They will support you to play the present version of Subnautica download.

Step 3: Empty your cache files!

Scroll to the top and look up those three folders. The screenshots folder is now not pertinent. You can skip it. However, you can research two other folders called “CellsCache” and “CompiledOctreesCache. Note that is you have constructed and owned one or more sea bases in

Subnautica game, you can overlook to reach the next section. Otherwise, you can keep reading if you have already gotten many submersibles such as Seamoth, Cyclops, or P..R.A.W.N. suit.

What to do is opening the individual CellsCache and CompiledOctreesCache folders. Then, delete every single file that you have inside them. It’s good for you to create backups of these folders first if you prefer. Nevertheless, they are non-essential files. Therefore, you will not do anything to Subnautica game by removing them. Subnautica download will make more of these in the next time when you play and save the game progress.

All right! Come back to the main saved game folder. There is a long list of text files below three folders. Files look like this “batch-objects-6-18-4”. Delete them! Meanwhile, the bottom should have:





DO NOT delete these four files!

If you did this, you have to restart Subnautica game and continue playing. Remember that your game can be laggy because it needs time to load up all new terrains.

Step 4: Preserve your sea bases!

In Subnautica game, you should work hard to build up the settlement along with other devices and craft tools to defend yourself as well as find food and discover other areas to figure out the best method for survival. If you have constructed one or more structures, you will need to take this step before you start to move deeper. Luckily, you are capable of opening your saved game before you scratch out all cache files as long as your gameinfo.json file is modified for the current update of Subnautica game. Load up the saved game and wait for a while until the loading screen completes.

Press F1 to get a translucent black pop-up on the right-hand side of the Subnautica game screen. “Camera batch #:” is the current batch position/ location. It is what the cache files are recording. Creature eggs, dead creature bodies, ores which are not collected along with items that you deposit on the ocean floor will be recorded by the game as cache files. Once you clear these files, the corresponding batch position/location will start again. It will look like it did at the starting of the saved game after that. This means that resources will respawn in that area. Also, any change happening to that place will be reset, consisting of any terraforming/altering of the environment made by you or others. It is an important detail because whenever you build in Subnautica game, you can change the surroundings. If the batch locations are set again, they will extend over any change that you have accomplished. Bases will be burried under the ground by cliff faces, plants and coral, etc.

Return to that translucent black pop-up, you should hit F1 to view it. Write down the batch number you see. If you have only a small base, you can detect one or two batch numbers and vice versa. When you take note them, exit the Subnautica game and come back to your saved game folder. In the CellsCache folder and the CompiledOctreesCache folders, delete every batch file except for the batch files with the written numbers. And, move to your main saved game folder to do the same with “batch-objects-” files. Join Subnautica game and enjoy your existing saved game in the newest game version when you have done!

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