How To Make A Subnautica Escape Key Close The PDA Like Other Menus

How To Make A Subnautica Escape Key Close The PDA Like Other Menus

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Subnautica game has a great map set on an alien blue planet. In which, you have to fight against the harsh environment and dangerous ocean beasts for survival. We will add a new guide related to how to make an escape key close the PDA, like every other menu. Here is a minor fix that can make the player feel more convenient when they discover their underwater world.

Pro Tips

You should know that escape is able to close everything but the PDA. And that is not pleasant at all. Many people unintentionally opened the Pause Menu because it’s the menu closing key for the Crafting Menu in Subnautica PC game, and for most games that have ever made before.

There will be nothing breaking immersion rather than a state of being inconsistent with UI control leading to a small annoyance. Thus, you can follow the trick below if you did not find it.


  • Move to keybindings in the Options Menu
  • Pick the empty secondary keybind for the PDA
  • Choose Escape which will shut the Keybind Menu, but still saving the keybind
  • Finally, you can get a consistent menu-closing immersion experience



  • Menus close after Escape
  • Do not make untidy with anything else
  • Make you cooler


  • Do not establish a secondary to for your inventory
  • Dermatologists will not like you

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