I Got The Subnautica Captain’s Room Code

I Got The Subnautica Captain’s Room Code

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Got the captain’s room code

Subnautica pc game is a great planet in which you will have the chance to explore another completely different world alone. Surely, you will always find out tons of exciting secrets during your journey. So, the crash that you encountered is not useless. Even, it will help you collect a lot of information and other special treasures once you dive into the underwater. There are various magnificent biomes and hundreds of dangerous ocean beasts. Not only that, you can discover other items unexpectedly. For example, we will talk about an interesting experience of The king of Butter. He has gotten the captain’s room code!

I Got The Subnautica Captain's Room Code

Everything happened in a way that he could not think about. While he was searching for some objects that he needed around Blood Vines of Subnautica game, he suddenly found a ruby. He decided to pick up it and immediately, he got a new log in his PDA as you can see more in the photo below. It was the captain’s room code that he did know if it was a glitch or not. But, that code really worked.

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