Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

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Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

The guide will supply tips for new players when they start to explore Subnautica game. It includes many parts.

Ride your home

After your spaceship in Subnautica game exploded and crashed, you have to find the best way to escape the fire in your a life pod. If you are successful, you can create a safe working environment and everything you desire. Besides, you should calm down to breathe. You have a Fabricator and a Medkit Fabricator. They are essential for you to start up a new life right in the underwater world. Check the locker and you can find two each of flares, water, and ration bars. But, you have to leave them there to find food. You need to eat first.

The Medkit Fabricator will produce a Medkit regularly but only if you clear any that it contains. Each time you come back to the pod, you should pull out the Medkit and place it into the locker. If you move outside to discover the ocean, you can pick up some items. You are recommended to get as much as you can from the Safe Shallows and build before you visit the Kelp Forest.

Shopping List

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

They are the objects that you must possess to use:

  • 6x Quartz – Use the Fabricator to convert it into 3x Glass
  • 7x Titanium
  • 1x Crash Powder
  • 2x Copper
  • 3x Salt – Convert into 1x Magnesium
  • 4x Acid Mushroom – Combine with the Copper to create 2x Battery
  • 6x Creepvine Seed Cluster – Convert into 3x Silicone Rubber

It’s pretty simple to search for Quartz, Salt, and Acid Mushrooms everywhere in Subnautica download! You can collect Titanium easily. Additionally, you can find a lot of chunks of scrap metal over the ocean floor. Each of them can be turned into 4 Titanium. Titanium and Quartz should be gained as much as possible. They are the handy resources for you to construct the base. Note that lumps of scrap metals can be found on the ocean floor beneath the life pod. You can keep them in the storage space. When you move to lumps of Limestone, you can break them to take Copper. Each piece will give to you either Titanium, Copper, or Lead. All of them are necessary later. In addition to this, Crash Powder from the small red plant is seen in the deeper reaches of Safe Shallows. They are also present in caves and tunnels. Be careful! The plant is the home of a tiny fish which can charge you and explode, resulting in a little damage for you if you can’t dodge them. Wait until it explodes and you can mine the Crash Powder. An egg can be exposed. Just move to another. In the Kelp Forest, you will meet Creepvine Seed Clusters. Don’t venture or touch anything that you don’t understand about them!

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

Items that you will be able to make with materials that you have had are arranged like this:

  • 2x Air Tank (2x Titanium, 1x Glass per tank)
  • Scanner (1x Battery, 1x Titanium)
  • Flashlight (1x Battery, 1x Glass)
  • Welder (1x Magnesium, 1x Crash Powder, 1x Titanium)

Gather the Creepvine Seeds and bring them back to the pod to make these tools:

  • Knife (1x Titanium, 1x Silicone Rubber)
  • Fins (2x Silicone Rubber)

Now, you can embark on the exploration and forge your own construction.

Give me the goodies

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

While you are trying to unravel the secret of the Subnautica game that you are trapped, you can get a fragment box for the solar panel or the Seaglide. So far you have owned a scanner which is used to pick up them. You may need more than one fragment box before some blueprints are finished. For example, both solar panels and Seaglide require two boxes while others like Seamoth will require three. Not only that, there are lots of useful items related to furniture inside or around the wreck. They ask only one scan to end the blueprint. The data pads are hunted out there. Watch out for anything you scan! Forms of flora and fauna are very interesting for you to dig. When you scan, the icon will appear in the bottom right corner.

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade will help you improve your life when you have to learn how to adapt the environment here.

Shopping List

  • 5x Copper* – Convert 2x Copper into 1x Copper Wire
  • 6x Acid Mushroom* – Combine with 3x Copper to make 3x Battery
  • 2x Titanium
  • 2x Lead
  • 4x Creepvine Sample – Convert into 2x Fiber Mesh
  • 3x Creepvine Seed Cluster – Convert into Lubricant
  • 1x Quartz
  • 2x Table Coral Sample
  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Silver – Combine with 1x Quartz and 2x Table Coral to make a Computer Chip
  • +1 Copper, +2 Acid Mushrooms per spare Battery
  • Spare Batteries are extremely helpful.

You can use the Seaglide to drain batteries when you take the long journey to cluster Silver and Diamond. If you want to obtain Table Coral and Creepvine Samples, you need to bring a knife. Look for a Creepvine and you will get one sample. When you hit the Table Coral, it will fall off the wall. Siver is similar to Copper. But, it comes from Sandstone deposits instead of Limestone. So, you will spot Sandstone in deeper areas around 75m down or below. Sandstone is in the Kelp Forest (with the Creepvine) and the Blood Grass areas. Diamond is from Basalt deposits spawning in the Mountain Island region. The following images will show you how to make the way to the Mountain island.

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

You will across over a zone in Subnautica download named Blood Grass while you are on the way to swim to the destination. Fragments here can support you to get useful blueprints. Once you arrive at the island, you can see a beach. Run or swim along the beach and you will perceive with the eyes many Basalt deposits as well as a load of small purple crystals. Seize some quickly. They are good for reinforcing your base. If you have Diamond and Lithium, you can come back to your pod and begin to craft. The items that you can make are:

  • Radiation Suit (2x Lead, 2x Fiber Mesh)
  • Seaglide (Battery, Titanium, Lubricant, Copper Wire)
  • Laser Cutter (Diamond, Titanium, Battery)
  • Habitat Builder (Computer Chip, Battery)

In which, the Habitat Builder tool is used to build the base, Laser Cutter is for opening sealed doors, and Radiation Suit is for exploring the Aurora. The Seaglide is significant to gain fragments. Hopefully, you will soon receive solar panel fragments. You may make some spares for the Seaglide because it consumes battery power if you control it constantly.

Home sweet home

Inside the base, stuff requires rooms or somewhere to be put. For the sample base, it is pretty simple. You will create one corridor segment, one solar panel, and one hatch. The corridor segment is the main structure of your base. And the hatch will go on either the end and the solar panel on the roof.

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

Enter this base by moving through the hatch. Depending on the solar panel, you can feel the pure oxygen and comfortable when your base is powered and has the air. Moreover, you can make lockers or wall lockers. These are the materials that parts of the base require:

  • Corridor parts (straight, curved, T junction, or crossroads): 2x Titanium to construct.
  • A hatch: 2x Titanium, and 2x Quartz, which must be changed into 1x Glass.
  • Solar panels: 2x Titanium, and 2x Quartz.
  • Lockers (both free standing and wall mounted): 2x Titanium and 1x Quartz.
  • Reinforced structure: 2x Titanium, 1x Lithium. Each of them will increase base structural integrity by 7.

Going mobile

Thinking of expanding your range is an indispensable step when you engage Subnautica game. If you have not had Seamoth and Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments, you can swim to areas with the red grass where you are also able to take up Silver earlier. Seamoth fragments are not same as other typical fragment boxes. They look like chunks of mini-submarines. Along the way, you can gain fragments for the Battery Recharge Station. The Power Cell Recharge will be seen when you head northwest from your life pod. Come into the Mushroom forest zone and get 6 or 7 fragments there. It is located at the top of a very big mushroom tree.

The Compass is actually functional for you. Unlock the blueprint for it by possessing a piece of Magnetite which is placed at the Mountain Island. It is underwater, quite deep. It is like a small red jellyfish attached the cliffs.

Shopping List

  • 24x Titanium: Convert 20x Titanium into 2x Titanium Ingots
  • 10x Creepvine Seed Cluster: Convert into 2x Lubricant and 2x Silicone Rubber
  • 11x Quartz: Convert 6x Quartz into 3x Glass
  • 8x Copper: Convert 4x Copper into 2x Copper Wire
  • 8x Acid Mushroom: Combine with 4x Copper to produce 4x Battery
  • 6x Table Coral Sample
  • 5x Silver: Combine with Table Coral and 3x Quartz to produce 3x Computer Chip, convert 2x Silver into 1x Wiring Kit.

Items to produce

  • Compass
  • Battery Recharge Station
  • Power Cell Recharger
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay
  • Seamoth

The Mobile Vehicle Bay should be built before the Seamoth. It is a station that you can deploy. It can float on the surface of the ocean in Subnautica download game. When it is released, you can swim up and climb on the board. The Mobile Vehicle Bay is the place that you can craft vehicles including the Seamoth. It should be set somewhere with deep water at least 30m.

Just Crash Landed, What Do I Do?

You can fly

Stasis Rifle is the great weapon slowing down the larger fish when they try to attack or eat you. The text box will tell you what it is.

When you craft the first knife, a text box will pop up and show a massacre occurred in another world or ship, which leading to the ban of weapon blueprints in the ship’s database. Where can you get the non-lethal weapons? You will swim to the Mountain Island and roam around to the west. When you come to the beach, turn west and head out. Then, you dive about 100m and see floating islands. One of them is a wreck. It is the location that you are seeking.

Shopping List

  • 2x Copper
  • 4x Acid Mushroom: Combine with the Copper to create 2x Battery
  • 4x Titanium
  • 2x Quartz
  • 4x Table Coral
  • 2x Silver: Combine with Table Coral and Quartz to make 2x Computer Chip
  • 4x Gold: Combine with Computer Chips to make 2x Advanced Wiring Kit.

It’s pretty easy to gain the Gold! Come back to the Mountain Island and pick some while you are searching for Diamond. If you can’t, you can break some Basalt deposits.

Items to build

  • Propulsion Cannon
  • Stasis Rifle

The Propulsion Cannon is useful to get compact objects and creatures. Press F key to cancel the beam, release the item or creatures. Press the right-click to launch whatever you have. The Stasis Rifle is utilized for larger targets. When you fire, a sphere in front of you is frozen in a short time. It is effective to escape Bonesharks.

Aurora bloodyhellis

The objects necessary for your survival at the starting stage including:

  • Laser Cutter
  • Propulsion Cannon: Used to move crates.
  • Welder
  • Scanner
  • Torch
  • Radiation Suit: Put it on to avoid radiation poisoning.
  • Fire Extinguisher(s): They are crafted at the Fabricator, costing 2x Titanium and 2x Quartz.
  • Spare Battery

Most of the crates will contain a battery, a power cell, Medkit, a bottle of water, or a signal. If you play Subnautica game with the Freedom mode, you can ignore the water and pay attention to everything else. The Aurora has some doorways which you have to have the right code to unlock. The data pads have codes to open three of the four doors. You can keep an eye on posters on the wall, Seamoth Upgrade Modules, Cyclops Power Regulator, and Exosuit. Besides, grab any data from pads or terminals. Some of them will give additional blueprints while others will offer codes or information happened to the Aurora. Repair the damage to the dark matter core and stop it spreading radiation!

Picking up the pieces

You should think about expanding when all Aurora loot is safe at your base. Take the standard gear, some spare batteries, a spare power cell or two for the Seamoth to take a long trip. Build an extra oxygen tank before you move, too. The first port is positioned at the southwest. This is an island with three abandoned bases which were built by previous survivors. A lot of plants and planters can be spotted. Head to the center base, pick up the Multipurpose Room, a Spotlight, a Bulkhead, datapads, and others. Don’t skip the Living Wall and the Observatory! Then, you can head back to the Seamoth. It can control the depth about 230-250m deep when you head in east-northeast direction with a Pressure Regulator module from the Aurora. If you reach the zone which is inhabited by giant glowing blue golf ball trees or smaller trees growing glowing brains, search for a wreck close to the maximum depth for the Seamoth. The wreck is fairly big near the bottom of the long hill leading to south from an area of the Kelp Forest. Many fragment boxes are in the nearby location. Be careful of the time and air! The final destination is the Mountain Island. It is also the great position for you to meet fragments. Watch out for the Reaper Leviathans when you traveling around Subnautica game! You should end with a perfect blueprint for the Cyclops, the Seamoth Modification Station, a Power Relay Node, and a few pieces before you go back.

Home sweet home, part 2

It’s time to upgrade your home or build another! You will have to use lots of Titanium, Quartz, power, and more. 6 solar panels can maintain everything smoothly. If you pick an Observatory, you should have Enamelled Glass. Stalker Tooth is the requested ingredient. Stalkers are the fish having numerous teeth in the Kelp Forests. They can eat you, Seamoth, and scraps. When you choose some metal, they will lose a tooth. It means that you can seek these teeth on the ocean floor. Watch Stalkers! If you construct a base near an area of Kelp Forest, you’d better leave some scraps outside to attract these fishes. They will bite and their teeth can be broken. Next, hatch a tame Stalker and generate Stalker Teeth after you reach the Alien Containment Tank.

The Moopool is a docking bay built as a part of the base. It can refuel automatically the Seamoth when you dock. The Modification Station lets you rename the Seamoth, change the color, or adjust the Pressure Regulator and Storage Module looted earlier from the Aurora.

Shopping List

  • 42x Titanium: Turn 40 of these into 4x Titanium Ingots.
  • 12x Creepvine Cluster Seeds: Change these into 4x Lubricant.
  • 6x Table Coral
  • 5x Quartz: Convert 2X Quartz into 1x Glass.
  • 3x Silver: Combine with Table Coral and 3x Quartz to make 3x Computer Chip.
  • 2x Gold: Combine with 1x Computer Chip to make 1x Advanced Wiring Kit.

Items to build

  • Moonpool
  • Seamoth Modification Station

When you put the Moonpool, remember that the Seamoth docks into it from below. You must have a space to do that. When the Moonpool is up, you can climb up into it by using a ladder. And, select the position to place the Modification Station. When the base has the power, the Seamoth will be recharged each time you dock. Try to own upgrades to the Seamoth and the Exosuit!

Pimp my moth, part 1

It’s possible for you to modify the Seamoth! You should make one or two storage module costing 6 Titanium. They can fill up Seamoth modification slots (2x crafted storage, 1x storage and 1x pressure regulator from the Aurora). And you can store 48 items at a time.

Filling the garage

To get the Mod Station, the Cyclops and the Exosuit are required to be done first.

Shopping List

  • 70x Titanium: Turn into 7x Titanium Ingots.
  • 7x Lithium: Combine with the Titanium Ingots to make 7x Plasteel Ingots.
  • 11x Quartz: Change 10x Quartx into 5x Glass.
  • 1x Silver
  • 2x Table Coral: Combine with 1x Quartx and 1x Silver to make 1x Computer Chip.
  • 5x Stalker Teeth: Combine with 5x Glass to make 5x Enamelled Glass.
  • 2x Gold: Combine with Computer Chip to make Advanced Wiring Kit.
  • 12x Creepvine Seed Cluster: Convert into 4x Lubricant.
  • 6x Uraninite: Convert into 2x Uranium (the little green crystals on the mountain side and under water of the Mountain Island)
  • 2x Aluminium Oxide (located far to the south where having giant glowing blue golf ball trees, some white crystals attached to walls down at 100m+)

Items to build

  • Cyclops
  • P.R.A.W.N. Exosuit

Both are crafted from the Mobile Vehicle Bay. The Exosuit will fall to the bottom of the ocean. The Cyclops will float.

Pimp my moth, part 2

You can go deeper than 300m right now. But, you don’t forget the Modification Station and the Cyclops with the Exosuit. To make your tour easier, you can dock the Exosuit in the Cyclops. Also, you can build a rebreather before you leave. It provides more oxygen lasting longer when you dive down.

After the Cyclops is ready, you can head north to Mountain Island in Subnautica download. Dive when you are at the northeast corner of the island. It’s exciting when reaching a huge wreck about 350m! Scan it and bring many fragments with new blueprints.

Shopping List

  • 52x Titanium: Swap 50x Titanium into 5x Titanium Ingots.
  • 6x Deep Shroom
  • 5x Silver: Convert 2x Silver into 1x Wiring Kit.
  • 3x Quartz
  • 6x Table Coral: Combine with 3x Quartz and 3x Silver to make 3x Computer Chip.
  • 1x Magnetite
  • 2x Salt: Combine with Deep Shrooms to make 2x Hydrochloric Acid.
  • 2x Gold: Combine with Hydrochloric Acid to make 2x Polyaniline.
  • 5x Lithium: Combine with 5x Titanium Ingots to make 5x Plasteel Ingots.
  • 2x Aluminium Oxide

Deep Shroom grows in Blood Kelp biome. Use the Cyclops and Exosuit to gain them. They are also located in a chasm. You can spot them there, at the bottom, if you move to west from the life pod and turn south when you arrive at the dunes.

Items to build

  • Modification Station
  • Seamoth Sonar Module
  • Seamoth Perimeter Defense Module

Pressure Regulator, version 2 and 3 (not a crafted item, it is an upgrade to the Pressure Regulator. Delete it from the Seamoth before you improve it! Upgrades like this are made at the Modification Station while others will be done at the Fabricator.

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