Mining Guide & Resource Locations In Subnautica Game

Mining Guide & Resource Locations In Subnautica Game

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Come to the latest guide for Subnautica game you will have the chance to find out the best places for mining and getting uncommon materials without difficulty.

Mining Nodes



Limestone is considered as an important source of Titanium. It is very necessary for you to craft the gear at the early stage. If you travel to biomes near the surface, you can see them easily. Aside from that, they can appear on the seabed, walls, and caves.


  • Titanium
  • Copper

Proposed harvesting locations:

  • Safe Shallows (it’s simple to approach)
  • Kelp Forest (small and medium hunters)
  • Grassy Plateaus (Oxygen Tank, ocean beasts)

Sandstone Outcrop

Sandstone Outcrop

Substances from the Sandstone in Subnautica download are essential for fabricating crucial components, for example, computer chips or wiring kits.


  • Lead
  • Silver
  • Gold

Recommended locations to gather:

  • Kelp Forest (easiest, aggressive creatures)
  • Grassy Plateaus (remember to bring the Oxygen Tank, you will encounter many predators on the path)
  • Underwater Islands (come with a Seamoth, face medium opponents)

Shale Outcrop

Shale Outcrop

You can search for plenty of stuff in Subnautica pc game to create advanced tools and equipment.


  • Lithium
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Recommended harvesting positions:

  • Mountain Island (achieved without great effort if you do not control Seamoth, usually found under the water on the walls of the island base, try to keep away from Warpers)
  • Underwater Islands (straightforward if you have Seamoth, islands will show Shale Outcrops, stay away from Bonesharks)
  • Grand Reef & Deep Grand Reef (prepare a Prawn Suit or an upgraded Seamoth, big dangerous fishes)



Seen on Reefback leviathans (not hostile), Reefbacks in Subnautica game will roam around the surface of plain and forest type biomes. They might have unfriendly spiked plants on their back. Look out!


  • Copper
  • Silver

Recommended harvesting spots:

  • Grassy Plateaus (unchallenging)
  • Bulb Zone
  • Sparse Reef

Large Resource Deposits

Large Resource Deposits

Large Resource Deposits will offer lots of resources. You can take them by using the Prawn Suit Drill Arm.

Large Deposits in Subnautica ps4 game are really helpful in the mid and late stages when coming back to Shallow biomes is not required, decreasing retracing for assembling items. Lost River, Lava Biomes or biomes that have entrances leading to underground parts are good points reserved for you to explore large deposits.

You should pay attention to Titanium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Lead, Lithium, Magnetite, Quartz, Kyanite and Uraninite because they are materials having what you expect.

Mining Resource Locations

Here is the list of every earliest scene in which you can collect the object without hassle.


  • Beginning: Safe Shallows (Metal Salvage and Limestone)
  • Best: Safe Shallows and Kelp Forest (Metal Salvage and Limestone)
  • High volume: Lost River


  • Firstly: Safe Shallows (Limestone)
  • Best: Kelp Forest Caves and Grassy Plateaus (Limestone)
  • Huge volume: Southern Blood Kelp Forest


  • Earliest: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Underwater Islands (Sandstone)
  • Huge volume: Jellyshroom Caves and Lost River


  • Earliest: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Underwater Islands, Jellyshroom Caves and Sea Treader’s Path (Sandstone and Shale Outcrop)
  • Big quantity: Jellyshroom Caves and Lost River


  • Only in Lost River, in chunks and Large Deposits of Subnautica steam


  • Starting: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Kelp Forest Caves and Grassy Plateaus (Limestone)
  • Large deposits: Lost River


  • Initially: Mountain Island (Shale Outcrop)
  • Best: Mushroom Forest (seafloor) and Jellyshroom Caves (Shale Outcrop)
  • High quantity: Lost River


  • Soonest: Jellyshroom Caves (seafloor)
  • Best: Jellyshroom Caves and Lost River (seafloor)
  • Large amount: Jellyshroom Caves


  • At first: Safe Shallows (caves)
  • Best: Grassy Plateaus (in the grass) and Underwater Islands
  • Bulk: Lost River and Grand Reef


  • At the outset: Jellyshroom Caves and Mountain Island in Subnautica game (Shale Outcrop)
  • Greatest: Underwater Islands and Sea Treader’s Path (Shale Outcrop)


  • At the start: Sparse Reef (caves)
  • Best: Grand Reef (seafloor and caves) and Bulb Zone (caves)


  • Begin with: Inactive Lava Zone (Large Deposit)
  • Best: Inactive Lava Zone (Large Deposit)
  • Only in Large Deposits

Crystalline Sulfur

  • Earliest: Inactive Lava Zone (seafloor, walls)
  • Best: Lost River (seafloor, walls)


  • Firstly: Mountain Island (underwater, on the mountain walls)
  • Best: Lost River and Deep Grand Reef (seafloor, walls)
  • Large amount: Lost River and Deep Grand Reef

Tips for Beginners

  • Caves in Subnautica game will have rarest resources of the biome. Do not get lost!
  • To get Gold, Diamonds, and Lithium early, you can swim to Mountain Island. Do not ignore bringing water, cured food, and a first aid kit!
  • Put up a Scanner Room to scavenge valuable materials
  • Have Storage Modules in the Seamoth and Prawn Suit for more storage spaces while you carry out long mining trips.
  • Prawn Suit Claw Arm will assist you when you gather up resources and break outcrops. These will be automatically stored in the corresponding Module.

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