[Mod] Multiplayer In Subnautica

[Mod] Multiplayer In Subnautica

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Subnautica Multiplayer Mod

It is the guide that shows you how to install the Subnautica multiplayer Nitrox and launch a server.

        I.            Introduction

Subnautica is originally a single-player game where the main character will have to explore the new underwater adventure alone. From now on, you will have some friends during your journey if you choose the multiplayer mod, which has finally been launched in public. People who used to expect to play that amazing open survival crafting title with other persons can do it without difficulty. However, you need to know that there are some strong caveats which should be addressed. Subnautica is a rarity in the gaming world: a mysterious place that the dev team had to work hard and manage to make it become available on Steam and get rid of the Early Access stage. So, it is a full release which allows you to experience a cool story. Certainly, it is regarded as a great game which is worth for you to enjoy.

The launch of a multiplayer mod reserved for Subnautica download game means that you will have the chance to take part in the exploration with your buddies. It is not an official mod. Creators of Subnautica are not at the origin of that mod. It is under development. Hence, it can contain plenty of bugs. You can have a look at the mod’s teaser trailer here:

You can check the installation of the mod Nitrox which helps you join Subnautica multiplayer. Click here:

Besides, you can see what has already been finished here:

The mod makes minor changes in the internal core of Subnautica game. That method is not dangerous. But, a complete reinstallation of the game will remove the mod when it gets troubles. If an update is released, it is best to put it on Subnautica.

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     II.            Install Nitrox

  • Firstly, do not forget to download:
  • Visual Studio: https://www.visualstudio.com/en/thank-you-downloading-visual-studio/?sku=Professional&rel=15&rr=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2F
  • Git Bash: https://git-scm.com/download/win
  • Notepad ++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/repository/7.x/7.5.4/npp.7.5.4.Installer.exe
  • dnSpy:
  • Now, you can install those programs. To Visual Studio, you will be asked to set components for .Net (about 3Go ~ 3,5Go size)
  • Next, you can begin Git Bash
  • Open the window that pops up: “git clone –recurse-submodules https://github.com/SubnauticaNitrox/Nitrox.git Documents / Nitrox”
  • Access “Documents” and “Nitrox” after that
  • Embark on Visual Studio in Administrator
  • (Note! Subnautica steam game must be on the C: base disk, in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Subnautica, if it is not, a modification is to do, check the Special Installation section below)
  • In Visual Studio File, choose Open Project and move to the window that launches the file Nitrox.sln in “Documents \ Nitrox”, press Open button.
  • Left click on Generate and on Generate the solution
  • If the generation is done, it can be written “Generation: 8 passed, 0 failed, 0 updated, 0 was ignored”
  • DnSpy launcher
  • Select File -> Open and enter the folder that is used to install Subnautica Then, head to Subnautica_Data \ Managed \ and click Assembly-CSharp.dll -> Open
  • Click the Search icon for “GameInput”
  • Double click on GameInput
  • Combine Ctrl and F before typing “awake”
  • Click after “{” and press Ctrl + Shift (or Shift) + E to make a window appear
  • Do Ctrl + O, normally you are in the “Managed” folder, seek NitroxPatcher.dll and open it
  • In dnSpy, there is a line after “GameInput.SetupDefaultBindings ((GameInput.Device) i);”, write (without the “”) NitroxPatcher.Main.Execute (); ” without forgetting the;
  • Click Compile at the bottom right
  • File-> Save All-> OK
  • Close everything
  • Access Subnautica game
  • There is a Multiplayer button. Click it.

   III.            Special Installation

  • It is a good way to implement when Subnautica download game is not in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Subnautica:
  • After the file Nitrox.sln is “built” (See II), you get an error a file called “DevVars.targets” in the folder “Nitrox”.
  • You need to go to the file “DevVars.targets” with Notepad. At the line , you can create an installation path in which Subnautica is located before you save the file.
  • Redo the manipulation of Visual Studio

   IV.            Creating a Subnautica Server

It is fast to design a Subnautica server!

  • Pick the port 11000 of your box in TCP. It will offer instructions to fulfill.
  • You can utilize a site to recognize your IP, for example, http://www.mon-ip.com/
  • Lancer in Documents \ Nitrox \ NitroxServer \ bin \ Debug software NitroxServer.exe
  • You can find a Console. Open it when you are playing.
  • At the present moment, your server is online.

     V.            Participate in a Server (Host side)

  • After you start Subnautica Xbox one game, you can click on Multiplayer.
  • Do not ignore adding the server and input a name with an IP “localhost”!
  • Click the server and join

   VI.            Connect to a Server (Client side)

  • In Subnautica game, you will have to decide on Multiplayer
  • Add server, name, and the IP of the one who gives the server
  • Click the server, type a nickname and hop into the playfield

VII.            Alternative to join a server (Host or Client)

  • You are required to have: mplayer playername [ip]
  • That command is chosen to attach to the server if the button “Multiplayer” in Subnautica Nitrox cannot work.
  • Replace “playername” with your username and [ip] with the host ip (or localhost if you are the host)

VIII.            Video Tutorial [WIP]

   IX.            FAQ [WIP]

      X.            History of the updates of the guide

V0.1 – Creation of the Guide and Publication (02/24/2018)

V0.2- Adding a command to control a server (03/09/2018)

V0.3- Added section VII which will provide the walkthrough in video (12/15/2018)

V0.4- As well as section VIII which will display questions that are found frequently (12/15/2018)

V0.5- Creation of the English Version of the guide (12/15/2018)

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