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My Subnautica Guide

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My Subnautica Guide will give to you the general information about eggs, creatures, and biomes in Subnautica game. Read all before you start your exploration!


Passive Eggs

Passive eggs are the unique eggs which are used as food or taken care as pets. They can hatch in a waterpark or a large aquarium. The normal egg is the first and the easiest item for you to find. They can be seen in Safe Shallows and other areas. They are small, green with light green bumps on the shell. Their parents can be Rabbit Ray, a type of passive life form belonging to the fauna.



The second egg that we want to introduce to you is the Grassy Plateaus. It is a large and blue egg. There are many mosses growing out of this egg. Spadefish and Reefback can be their parents.My Subnautica Guide


The third egg is called Jellyray. It has a different shape from the first two eggs. It is tall and it gives out the blue light. You can look for the Jellyray egg in Mushroom Forest and Jelly Shroom Caves or Deep Grand Reef.

My Subnautica Guide

The fourth egg is the Shuttlebug. It is a cyan egg with vein-type patterns. They can be found in many biomes, for example, the Crash Zone, Dunes, and the Mountains. When the Shuttlebug hatches, you can see three legs in front surrounding a large eye. This creature will never attack players in Subnautica game. But, they will create snapping sounds and turn towards you when they approach. Their parents are Shuttlebug, Crabsnake.My Subnautica Guide


Aggressive Eggs

They are the five special eggs which are harder to incubate than passive eggs because their parents are fairly aggressive.

The first egg in this item is the Stalker egg. They are brought to hatch in Kelp Forest or crash zones.

My Subnautica Guide

The next egg belongs to the Sandshark. They will be present in dunes and grassy plateau area.

My Subnautica Guide

The third egg is Bone Shark. They will be hatched near wrecks, the Koosh zone, and in the Underwater Islands biome.

My Subnautica Guide

You can search the fourth egg named the Shocker in the Koosh biome or in the Blood Kelp biome. They are considered as a defensive creature. Be careful! They can shock or bite you.

My Subnautica Guide

The last egg in the aggressive type is CrabSnake. You can meet this egg in only the Jelly Shroom biome. It looks like a friend named Shuttlebug. In other words, it can also be a Shuttlebug egg.

My Subnautica Guide

Defensive Eggs

There are two types of defensive eggs in Subnautica download including Gasopod and Mesmer.

The first one, Gasopod, is guarded by some gasopods which can damage the player by releasing the green, acidic gas pods from their tail. This egg spawns in the Safe Shallows biome.

My Subnautica Guide

Mesmer is the second defensive egg can be found in deep caves of certain biomes and the Koosh Zone.

My Subnautica Guide

Aside from eggs in Subnautica game, you can encounter various amazing creatures.

Creatures Part 1

Peeper is a passive edible creature (Raw: +20F, -15W, cooked: +32F, +5W and cured: +32F, -2W). They live in Safe Shallows and crash zone. They can move very fast and act only at night.Peeper


It is a passive fauna. You can eat Boomerang (raw: +12F, -8W, cooked: +21F, +3W, or cured: +21F, -2W). Biomes are the home of this creature. They can act in daytime and night.



You can find Eyeye in many biomes of Subnautica download. It is brainless. Similar the first two creatures, you can eat raw, fumigate or cook.



It is a passive inedible type can be seen in Kelp Forest, crash zone, Safe Shallows. They can lay eggs



It’s passive and edible. They spawn in many biomes.



Oculus is a passive creature. You are able to eat them. They spawn in Jelly Shroom caves.



Mesmer is defensive and inedible. They are possible to hypnotize you if they approach you. If you encounter this situation, you will hear “It is your primary directive to move closer to that beautiful creature, swim closer, swim closer now, it looks so friendly, do not resist, don’t struggle. Go closer”. Don’t let them fool you or you will be devoured quickly! Mesmers lay eggs. You can see them in Kelp Forest, caves, Koosh zone, Mushroom Forest, and Grassy Plateaus.


Creatures Part 2

The Reaper Leviathan is one of the scariest creatures in the ocean of Subnautica game. They are nicknamed Satan. They spawn in the Mountains, dunes, around the back and front of the Aurora ship.

The Hoopfish

The Hoopfish is a small edible creature found the Grand Reef, Kelp Forests, Underwater Islands, Koosh zone, and Sea Treaders path.

The Biter

The Biter is an aggressively dangerous fauna. They spawn Jelly Shroom caves, Grassy Plateaus, and the Mountains.

The Biter

Shoals of fish, they are a passive type of the fauna. They spawn in many biomes.

Shoals of fish

The Spinefish, AKA the Blood Hoopafish is a passive life form. They are edible fishes spawning in the Blood Kelp biome.

The Spinefish

The Floater often swims around the boulders. It has a much larger relative living at the bottom of the floating island. You can’t eat them.

The Floater

The Reginald is an edible fish. It is the best choice for you to fill up your stomach. They inhabit in the crash zone, Grand Reef, Mountains, Grassy Plateaus, Sea Treaders path, and the Sparse Reef.

The Bleeder is a parasitic creature. You can meet them in the Kelp Forest and inside the damaged ship. They will cling on your arm and suck your blood. Don’t get too close to them or hold a Peeper in your hand!

The Bleeder

Meanwhile, the Reefback is pretty friendly. It is a huge herbivore living form found in the Grassy Plateaus.

The Reefback

The Airsack is also regarded as the Bladderfish. It provides the nutrition or water to your body. It is useful for the Air Bladder recipe.

The Airsack

Subnautica game is an awesome world where gathers a lot of weird fauna. The Skyray can make your journey more exciting. They spawn on the island, in the Safe Shallows, and on the Mountain Island.

The Skyray

Besides, the Hoverfish is another living form that you can eat and find them in the crash zone and in the Kelp Forest. It looks like a reptilian.

The Hoverfish

The Cave Crawler is also a parasitic type. It is inedible, of course. It spawns in the Dunes, Islands, inside Aurora, and other areas.

The Cave Crawler

The Sea Dragon Leviathan is an extremely aggressive creature in Subnautica game. These creatures will spawn in lava biomes. They can attack you in two ways by using their claws or teeth or a fireball. The fireball will be used when you are fleeing.

The Sea Dragon Leviathan

The Sea Emperor is another aggressive creature. But, it will become a passive or a defensive one when they are fully implemented. They can spawn in the Sea Emperor Prison when added.

The Sea Emperor

The Sea Treader is seen as a defensive creature which attacks you if you approach or appear in front of their eyes. You can face them on the Sea Treader Path or in the Grand Reef.

The Warper probably arrives from another planet. They can be brought by the Precursors. They will only spawn around the precursor bases. They are able to teleport or move into other biomes.

The CrabSquid

The CrabSquid is an aggressive creature spawning in the Deep Grand Reef and the Second Blood Kelp. They are not small.

The Spine Eel

The Spine Eel is not a passive or defensive creature. They spawn in the Lost River.

The ghost ray

The Ghost Ray is a passive herbivore creature. The can spawn in the Lost River biome. Its flesh is poisonous.

The crimson ray

The Crimson Ray has an impressive red color. It is a passive herbivore fauna. You can spot them in the Lava biomes. You can’t cook or eat them.



There is an enchanting diversity of biomes in Subnautica download game.

The Safe Shallows biome is the first one that you can detect. It contains a lot of creatures like Gasopod, Peeper, Boomerang, RabbitRay, Crash, etc.


The Kelp Forest biome includes many creatures such as Stalker, Mesmer, Bleeder, Rabbitray, Sandshark (RARELY), Eyeye

The Grassy Plateau is a semi-dangerous biome. Sandshark, Biter, Spadefish, Reginald, Hoopfish, and Floaters, Boneshark, Boomerang, and Reefback can be discovered here.


Hopefully, you will have the chance to explore much more in the next update. Let’s return to your game and embark on your trip now!

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