Play Styles For Subnautica

Play Styles For Subnautica

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Play Styles for Subnautica

Play Styles For Subnautica

Come to one of the newest guides that we present you will find that playing styles for Subnautica game is being improved and it will bring back lots of fun moments for sure.

Introduction-How to use the current tutorial

Dig deeper into information that we provide you will see that there are a lot of dissimilar methods to enjoy Subnautica game. Each of them will be introduced as a “Career”. If you try to read everything under the heading, you will be able to complete your job in the shortest time. If you’d like to learn much more about the best gameplay, remember to stick to one or two Careers. However, you are recommended to feel free and build combos.


It is necessary to set up growbeds both inside and outside when playing Subnautica steam game. You can stock them with every kind of exotic plants and crops. By hitting the plantable flora with your survival knife, you will collect plant seeds. You can check the list of these plants in Subnautica game at its wiki page. Note that you can be gathered the seed of Creepvine by pulling clusters off. Are you ready to craft a lush paradise of your dreams or field of edible crops? You will not starve again undoubtedly.


Do not ignore generating an Alien Containment Unit (A.C.U) in Subnautica game after you pick up enough fragments! You can locate it in a Multi-purpose room. An A.C.U is simply a big aquarium in which you can place flora and even fauna eggs. By approaching the seabed, you can grab those eggs. When they are positioned, they will slowly hatch. Not only that, you will receive a pet or a companion. Hatching is the most reasonable solution to maintain your sanity. Additionally, you will have best friends as you expect.


Whilst you are forming your habitat in Subnautica pc, the PDA will state that you should treat that space as your home. but never forget it is not. Why? Does the rescue seem impossibly far? Why not make it your new house? How about choosing your Builder and switching the own game mode into Creative? You can make a search for an ideal spot to put up another crib…location, and much more. When you selected a perfect area, you can embark on constructing away to “your heart’s content”. Keep a supply for the interior part! In other words, you can decorate it with furniture. A mansion will be appropriate for the bizarre, a confidential undersea laboratory or a hotel for millionaires.


In addition to the previous section, you can fabricate a Cyclops Submarine when you join Subnautica game after you get enough substances, put the large movable equipment, appliances, with other items, and hit the underwater road. You can think of that placing when there’s so much ocean to discover. After all, you can settle down everything that you need in the Cyclops. To fabricators together with chargers and plant pots or land plants, who wants a fixed sea base? Make a journey from biome to biome and cause the occasional pit to stop in order to seek more resources and research the present wildlife. As well, you can direct the spirit of the late, amazing Jacques Cousteau.

Auto Mechanic

Build a Vehicle Modification Station in the Moonpool and park the Seamoth or PRAWN suit inside. It will take you several hours to finish your trip in Subnautica ps4 game. Offer it a personalized color scheme before setting a name and raising it to a higher standard so as to obtain the ultimate sub or outfit.


It is essential to spend a room in your Seabase or create a separate base for a fully-stocked laboratory. Although the non-functioning Lab Equipment is completely futile, it is also an obligatory here as the knowledge is power. You can detect some secrets when you use the Scanner tool. To the building Marine Biologists, you are advised to scan all of the species of flora with fauna out there, consisting of scary giant Leviathans. Wear the lab coat and goggles, too!

Salvage Operator

Someday you will not stay on the planet of Subnautica Xbox One game, which is called Planet 4546B by PDA. Once you end up that story, other people will arrive and solve the spaceship’s wreckages. You can try to give them a headstart. So, opt for your laser cutter, a repair tool, a flashlight, a propulsion cannon, and a fire extinguisher before you begin to hunt some wrecks. In case you will study the ship, you can carry a rad suit if you have not sealed up the drive core’s breaches. You can see numerous interesting items which will be used to ornament the seabase. To small piles of debris, you should activate the propulsion cannon to tide them up and turn those objects into a big one for easy cleanup. Besides, you can gather all scraps.


Because you are forced to get a huge amount of materials for the base in Subnautica steam game, Cyclops sub, or other stuff, you can make a career out of it. Firstly, you will break outcrops to scavenge solid pieces like Titanium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamonds, and Nickel. Next, wear the PRAWN with a drilling arm and carry out mining bigger outcrops. You can get close to the other harder places if you add the grappling hook arm and the jump-jet upgrade. If you gear yourself, you can search for a lot of resources to form whatever you imagine.


A wise woman once said: “When seamonsters are hunting you, you don’t hide. You hunt the seamonsters. Then you build a bigger boat out of seamonster bones, and you hunt bigger monsters. Keep going until there aren’t any monsters left to hunt you.”

With that idea, you can knock down any big bully in Subnautica pc game. Nevertheless, it is necessary to equip with a reinforced dive suit, a survival knife, a propulsion cannon, a stasis rifle, a lightweight high-capacity tank, and a couple of the ultra-glide fins. It is possible to defeat Reapers!

The Virgin Landlubber

When you travel around areas in Subnautica game, you can recognize that there are too many dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows around you. They can be Leviathans, an alien beast, and who knows what else. Thus, you’d better grow as much food as you can in your growbeds. Moreover, assemble a base on the Floating Island and inhabit there until the rescue comes.

The Chad Survivor

You can test some Modifications to your clothes and swim to whenever that you want. Here is the name of items in the set that will go with you, including a Thermoblade, Stillsuit, Swim-charge fins, and an Ultra-High Capacity Tank. You will become a true survivor.

Gordon Freeman

Subnautica game allows you to shape a Propulsion Cannon and refill your inventory with batteries, or use it as the signature weapon. You should take advantage of the environment during the time that you struggle against the harsh wildlife. Wreckage, Boulders, Crash Fish, Floaters, and Drooping Stingers will supply more ammo for your weapon. There will be no a Half-Life 3.


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