Send Log File to Developers

Send Log File to Developers

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Before you explore the way to send the log file the development team of Subnautica game, you should follow each step in the troubleshooting guide. It will give you the solution for the common issues that you often encounter when playing this game.

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If you get any trouble or a bug in the Subnautica game, you can offer notification to the development team so that they can receive a log file.

The Log file is a text file created by Subnautica each time you start the game. It can record various things. It doesn’t reveal what is happening. But, you sometimes get many helpful clues.

The best way for us to tell the problems is using the F8 feedback system. If the team asks for a log, for example on the forum, you can follow. You are allowed to use a tool with Subnautica to send the log file easier when clicking a button.

Getting Log File

We will introduce to you two ways to get the log file, one for Window users, and one for Mac users. Just follow this tutorial and you can obtain the Subnautica log file when matters occur to you.

For Windows Users

  • You will have to access Steam.
  • Then, move to the games library
  • Right Click on Subnautica
  • Pick Properties from the drop down menu


  • At the Local Files, choose “browse local files”


  • The Subnautica installation directory will open. And you will activate the Subnautica_Data folder.


  • The file that you want will have the name “output_log.txt.”. Copy and paste it at a convenient location.


  • If you get really shocking crashes, “output_log.txt” will be put in an alternate location. You can find it in the date-stamped folder, inside the top level Subnautica directory


For Mac Users

  • Firstly, you need to move to Spotlight and type in Console


  • After that, you will scroll down on the left side and expand ~/Library/Logs. At the unity section, click on Player.log


  • Next, open the top the screen, select File and Save Copy As


  • Input a name if you’d like, select the place to save it, and click Save


  • It’s easy to look for the file that you saved and email it to the Subnautica development team or post it somewhere for others to help!


Send Log File

The process that you send a log file when you meeting with issues in Subnautica game is quite technologically advanced. Now, you can grab the text file, log.txt, and attach this text file to the email that you intend to indicate without difficulty. However, you should remember to use a subject line starting with the “Subnautica Log” to make it easy for Jonas to explain which emails contain logs.

If you are playing in Subnautica Experimental mode, you’d better begin your subject line with “Experimental Subnautica Log”. Not only that, in the body of the email, you should supply a short and brief explanation why you send it or the problem that you faced. For example, “Subnautica crashes when I pick up a peeper fish.”

Finally, send the email to this address:

“subnautica-support (at) unknownworlds (dot) com”

Note that the email body that you don’t add any brief explanation of the problem place will be ignored. Thus, try to spend a little time to write down your trouble!

Occasionally a member of this development team will ask you for a log. If you are in this situation, you must ensure to send the log to whatever email they provide. And it may be the reason that you are recommended to read this guide.

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