Solutions For The Lag-Crash Bug In Subnautica Game

Solutions For The Lag-Crash Bug In Subnautica Game

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Solutions for the Lag-Crash Bug

The latest patch released for Subnautica game is causing a few problems. For many players, it also consists of an increase in lag and hard crashes as the hour stack up. But, that crash is not a time-related trouble. What is occurring is that the more you save, the more data files will begin to pile up, especially file that involving dead animals with resources you have not gathered yet and creatures’ eggs. When you save, the game will make more file pop up in order to contain these articles. That would show up the reason why some persons those, who do not save regularly, do not encounter the combine lag and crash-to-desktop until they log up to over 20 hours in-game. Meanwhile, other characters in Subnautica xbox can get issues as early as 5 or fewer into a save. Setting a new save will not enhance the case as you still own the piles upon piles of date in folders. Keep calm! You will receive a temporary fix for that issue.

For Windows

  • You should delete the cellscahe and compiledoctreescache folders in Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slotwhatever. The crash will not continue, at least until you log longer of gameplay. We are also expecting a real fix in the next Subnautica update.
  • The only matter with that is any transforming done during building your base is not finished, and it can demolish your home. Here is a workaround;
  • Head into your adventure and press F1. You can find a bit of data there. You are searching for something named camera batch # and the numbers can list the sameness to that 12, 18, 13.
  • Now, you can move to the base and roam around everything. You can hug walls and note anything that becomes visible in front of your eyes. If the number does not alter, it means that is fine. It allows you to record what you spot.
  • In the folders, you can remove the batch data but the files about the numbers that you have copied.

For MAC users

  • You need to open your folder and go to the hidden library (Seek on Google the way to unhide it) / application support / steam / steamapps / common / subnautica. Next, you can follow directions of the thread that you can meet when playing Subnautica pc
  • If you are operating Oculus Home instead of Steam
  • C:/Users/{username}/AppData/Roaming/Subnautica/SavedGames/
  • When you are successful in moving to C:/Users/{username}/AppData/Roaming/Subnautica/SavedGames/, and delete caches for your save, you can access C:/ProgramFiles/Oculus/Software/Software/unknown-worlds-subnautica/SNUnmanagedData/Build18
  • Do not pay attention to the autosave folders! It is necessary to clear the similar 2 cache folders.

According to the Precursor Update for Subnautica steam game, you will recognize that activating the fix and resetting the data, the precursor door is actually set again. However, it will also put back the keys that you can collect. Therefore, it is not a big deal IMO. That happens to Aurora in the same method. Any datapad will spawn one more time. Nevertheless, nothing will take place when you interact with them since you got.

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