Subnautica: “Aurora” and her radiation

Subnautica: “Aurora” and her radiation

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This article will provide you many guides to fix the Aurora ship’s generator. However, you can find something interesting in Subnautica download game.


The Subnautica free game begins when Aurora, the name of a spaceship, fell on a strange and forgotten planet. Maybe it is also the good chance for you start a challenging adventure. This ship landed on underwater rocks. Next, the reactor will flow “dark matter” within 1-2 days. This dark matter will lead to an explosion and can push you into the worse situation. You might not have any vehicle to escape from this world.

Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation

The list of important stuff

So, you need to have a list of what you will do to fix the ship in Subnautica download game in the shortest time. Of course, you’d better stay away from Aurora. You will die of radiation within 10-25 seconds. To prevent this, you should repair the leaking reactor as fast as possible before the explosion. The holes can appear more at the top of the ship. Thus, you must complete this mission quickly. The first thing you implement is to collect necessary stuff such as Welding Machine, Anti-Radiation Suit, and Bathysphere, or water scooter.

  • Welding Machine
    The welding machine needs many ingredients.

    • The easiest part is Magnesium. It includes three pieces of salts.Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation
    • Titan can be extracted from scrap or limestone
      Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation
    • Combustible contains pieces of food in the homes of “Boombers.”Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation
    • Eat in home
      Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation
  • Anti-Radiation suitThis suit can protect you from the effect of the radiation. To create it, you must have lead and costume. In which lead can create a piece of silver and three pieces of copper. And, the costume is created from two pieces of lead and two pieces of silicone (2 pieces of quartz).Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation

On the approach to the “Aurora.”

When you move to the wreck in Subnautica crack game, radiation is not only the danger coming from the ship. On the way, you can face a creature of the underwater world named Leviathans. As soon as you hear their roar, you have to speed boost to approach the floor. He can grab bathysphere or scooter and destroy it. If you use the Cyclops, this creature doesn’t attack you.

Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation

Note: Do not swim with the nose, swim inside the hole, no trace will float “Leviathans”.
Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation

In “Aurora.”

You can find two ways to enter the Aurora. One is not even a road and the projection of drawers supply. The second is what we need.

Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation
In the ship, you can see the robot spiders. They look like technical or security drones. And you should prevent all.Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation


When you pass the corridor, you will meet the reactors. On the main panel, they can be deleted to improve the Cyclops, which can reduce the power consumption by 200%. Each of reactors in Subnautica free game has 3-4 holes. While you are fixing them, you can interfere with leeches. You can hike and grab stasis gun to solve them. When you complete, you will receive the information that all radiation will be turned off after two days. Then, you can walk inside the Aurora and don’t need to wear the anti-radiation suit.

Subnautica: "Aurora" and her radiation

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