Subnautica Below Zero Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

Subnautica Below Zero Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

Comprehensive Guide for Subnautica Below Zero (Part 1)

Before you embark on exploring the tips for your favorite Subnautica Below Zero game, remember that it will be spoiled heavily. It is your only warning.

Currently, that part is out of the way. Our tutorial is divided into sections.

The contents of the Comprehensive Guide are the subject to alter. The creator would love to hear from your comments to add more information to their product in case you expect to contribute.

Fabricator Base

Sector Zero


The Crater

Abandoned PDA’s

Do not ignore another survival horror exploration when joining Subnautica Below Zero game! It will bring back plenty of enchanting destinations where you can spot deserted PDA’s.

Research Station Zero/ Alien Research Site Zero

Make sure that you will spend time with the Research Station Zero and the Alien Research Site Zero when playing the selected Subnautica game. If you miss something, you will not have the chance to meet it again because the research station is cleared out. It is necessary to grab the data entries below:

  • Robin Goodall – Alterra Application Interview, Location (Starting Bedroom)
  • Profile: Research Station Zero (Cafeteria)
  • Weekly Report: Research Base Zero (Bedroom close by Cafeteria)
  • Robin Goodall: Research Notes (Laboratory)
  • Task List (Cargo Room)
  • Alien Research Site Zero (Alien Research Site Zero)

Act I

It is the other step in Subnautica Below Zero that you should make a plan.

Post Research Base Destruction

Airdropped Temporary Shelter

In the Subnautica Below Zero game, you may want to use a lot of time in the beginning and around the Temporary Shelter that Sam drops for you. When you come into the house, you will receive the blueprint access.

Airdropped Temporary Shelter

Passive Blueprint Unlock Order

Several blueprints in your Subnautica expansion can only be unlatched once some certain conditions are completed. You can see these requirements below. It will not cover every blueprint.

From Temporary Shelter

It is a useful place in Subnautica Below Zero, which contains:

  • Fiber Mesh
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Glass
  • Copper Wire
  • Battery
  • Standard O2 Tank
  • Fins
  • First Aid Kit
  • Scanner
  • Flashlight
  • Survival Knife
  • Waterproof Locker

From Other Items

You can detect numerous objects which are essential for your new life like in Subnautica game.

  • Fabricator
  • Repair Tool
  • Beacon
  • Wiring Kit
  • Computer Chip
  • Pipe
  • Floating Air Pump

Act II

Cargo Rocket Research Station

From Cargo Rocket Research Station

It is one of the most-visited areas in Subnautica Below Zero. It has:

  • Multipurpose Room
  • Counter
  • Bar Table
  • Plant Shelf
  • Wall Shelves
  • Single Bed
  • Office Chair
  • Command Chair
  • Single Wall Shelf
  • Swivel Chair


From the Habitat Builder Tool

Do not forget to enter the present zone! It will introduce to you lots of exciting gear which are deployed in your Subnautica game.

Unlocked via acquiring the Habitat Builder

  • Foundation
  • I Compartment
  • L Compartment
  • T Compartment
  • X Compartment
  • Vertical Connector
  • Scanner Room
  • Hatch
  • Window
  • Reinforcement
  • Solar Panel
  • Ladder
  • Wall Locker
  • Scanner Room Hud Chip
  • Camera
  • Scanner Room Range Upgrade
  • Scanner Room Speed Upgrade

How to get the Habitat Builder (Standard)

So as to occupy a Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero game in the right and classic method that not depending on cheats, you are recommended to fulfill the first couple of hours worth of content. You do not read ahead if you just desire to finish the whole parts of the story without being spoiled.

After you accelerate and search for AI-An in Subnautica Below Zero and he accepts to infiltrate your body, you will have to take and send a sample of your DNA in a rocket. Launch it to the satellite by using a BioScanner, then. When you accomplish that and you will collect the a-okay from the satellite. Afterward, try to wait for a while. However, you will be provided with some dialogues and get a Supply Drop sent down to you. Inside of Supply Drop, you will easily look for the Habitat Builder.

If you feel difficult in tracking down the Supply Drop in Subnautica game, you can sniff out it near the creepvines in the Shallows which is also near your base.

Watch the video to learn more!

Lore Only Section

It is the lore involved in Below Zero, a Subnautica expansion.


Robin Goodall

She is regarded as the protagonist of Subnautica Below Zero.

In other words, Robin will take the role of a zoologist and a xeno-linguist. She is a vital member of a research team which arriving on Planet 4546B to dig deeper into the place from a research outpost named the Vesper which is located in a geosynchronous orbit high above that blue moon.

Meanwhile, Sam Goodall, her sister will work on board the Vesper. She is the main contact between Robin and the Vesper.


Robin Goodall is a relatively tall woman, around 5’8″ – 5’9″ (174cm). She has a slender build with narrow shoulders, a dark skin, and brown eyes. Robin’s hair is dark brown and it is tied back in a long ponytail. Not only that, you can see a blue-dyed streak on the left side of her hair.


Sam Goodall

– Samantha Goodall, often known as Sam, is the main character in Subnautica Below Zero. She usually engages in activities on the Vesper and is the one who will communicate with Robin Goodall.

Jo Jeffreys

Jo Jeffreys is the colleague of Robin Goodall, used to inhabit in the same base as her. At the start of Subnautica expansion, Jeffreys seems to disappear and Sam Goodall chats with Robin to demand her to find Jeffreys.


Coming Soon

Marguerit Maida

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Research Base Zero

In Subnautica Below Zero, it is considered the primary Seabase which is chosen by the ground research crew of the Vesper. It is the home of Robin Goodall. It is where the plot is set, too.

Research Base Zero

Research Base zero is a very big building process, along with two standard Seabase pieces and exclusive ones created for the facility. The second period will have some rectangular rooms but much more sizable than the Moonpool. It includes stairs. Multipurpose Rooms are utilized to build bedrooms.

The adventure in Below Zero, a Subnautica steam game, is released inside Research Base Zero with Robin waking up because of the alarm clock sounds. She is led to the Alien Research SIte Zero later, and when coming back, she encounters an avalanche due to the bad weather. The base is occupied by snow and it cannot be opened for the remaining part of the game.


Vesper Station is an installation which will pop up in Subnautica Below Zero. It will go around Planet 4546B to act as a base for research staff: Robin Goodall and her sister, Sam Goodall.

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