Subnautica Below Zero: Comprehensive Guide (Part 2)

Subnautica Below Zero: Comprehensive Guide (Part 2)

Comprehensive Guide for Subnautica: Below Zero

It is the remaining section of the instruction for Subnautica Below Zero game, following the previous exciting chapter.

The Almanac

It is the name of a highly advanced and ancient space figure in your Subnautica game. It is given by Alterra. That species appeared on Planet 4546B around one thousand years ago in order to search for the cure for the Kharaa Bacterium. Most of the info related them is hidden. Though, an alive member who is called AI-An will be introduced in Below Zero.


In your Subnautica game, before being uploaded to Data Hubs, teammates of the Almanac were non-bipedal (whether it talks about a quadrupedal mode of movement or a new type which has not been known yet) and were about 50% bigger than a man, creating them at around 9 feet tall by the present’s creatures. They can pass their awareness through bodies without giving any ill effect. According to Al-An, his sort can be detected beyond the physical range.

Almanacs likely included organic and mechanical parts, suggested that they were infected with Kharaa, a bacterium which was sent to their core lands.

The term “seed” in Subnautica Below Zero game is explained in their description can tell the fact of an organic plant unit or something inhabiting inside a computer. The Al-An says that “My kind navigates space-time in conjunction with bio-mechanical vessels, altered and evolved over time to serve our needs”, which points that the Almanac was the natural biomechanics and had actually grown their group to fit their demands, with structures that can be replaced in a short time.

In Subnautica expansion, they have a very long lifespan. Based on a clue from the data bank entry, a ninety-six-year-old Almanac is still extremely young. The same individual was approximately 700 Earth -years old (born 1,708 Earth-years ago) when it was attacked by Kharaa Bacterium after that disease outbursted and the knowledge was saved in a data hub. It is uncertain if that life expectancy naturally exists for a long period or increased like Paul Torgal’s, who wanted to live to the age of 160 before crashing on 4546B.

Almanac Bases

Alien bases of Subnautica game are very old locations that are placed around the Arctic Mega Biome. They were constructed by the Almanac roughly one thousand years prior to noticeable incidents of Below Zero. Their aims are different. And, nobody can realize if any of them are concentrated in investigating Kharaa, as those in the Crater.


Alien Research Site Zero in Subnautica Below Zero game is positioned in a surface level mountain cave. It’s hard to know its objective even though the upper piece is able to give out a shield.

Sanctuary Zero is in the Twisty Bridges. It is a destination for the Almanac to relax. It is the area that Al-An’s core is discovered. It is the safe shelter of a consciousness transfer device.

The Fabricator Base’s address is not disclosed. It has a fabricator to produce another body to Al-An.

Alien Research Site Zero

Alien Research Site Zero is an Alien Base in Subnautica game. It is not easy to recognize what purpose it works for and why it was created.

The exterior has the manufacturing method alike to the Primary Containment Facility in the Crater, as seen in the concept art.

Alien Research Site Zero

During her search for Jo Jeffreys, Robin Goodall will cease moving at by Alien Research Site Zero. A strange voice does not allow her to enter. Even, it intimidates her. Because it is acquainted with her name, she feels angry and reports that to her sister, Sam, who alerts that an electrical storm is approaching. And, the lightning also establishes the truth then. While getting rid of that unsafe cave, the disaster blocks the entrance and devastated the Research Base Zero.

Lower Section – Alien Research Site Zero

The lower section of the Alien Research Site Zero in the first chapter of Subnautica epic games is gettable via an ice cave tunnel. At the initial stage of the Below Zero expansion, the interior cannot be entered as AI-An limits access to the inner zone. At a later period in the plot of Below Zero, the force field will be disabled, opening access. Not much info is investigated, which revolves around the contents of the base, not including a single elevator that you can use to reach the upper spot of that whereabouts.

Upper Section – Shield Base

You can learn more about the upper section in Subnautica Below Zero without effort by the lower level’s stairs. It is the Shield Base, too. It is the ending setting of the game. The Shield Base can generate a shield. But, no one can find its target. It’s assumed that the shield will be triggered in the later entry of the game. The AI-An will be found here after finishing his body.

Upper Section - Shield Base

The in-development footage for Subnautica Below Zero game will show you a large number of bases which are protruding out of the mount, creating a special balcony. The exterior of the upper section is much bigger than the rest. You can see it easily. According to the developers’ notes, the upper section of Alien Arch will move you to an unrevealed region and a terminal that will close the game.

Sanctuary Zero

Sanctuary Zero is an alien base in Subnautica Below Zero. You can head to Twisty Bridges to look for it. It is a land that makes you become less tense, especially for the core which contains the mind of AI-An. It is suitable for him to transmit messages. It has a function like Sanctuaries from Subnautica. But, it is not certain to be aware of any other Almanac is kept here.

Robin Goodall will stay with Sanctuary Zero when she is on the way to ferret about her companion, Jo Jeffreys. Being warned by a program at Alien Research Site Zero in Subnautica Below Zero, Robin decides on studying the Almanac more. Her investigation will unlock the exact place of Sanctuary Zero.

Core Pedestal

In the Sanctuary Zero of Subnautica expansion, there is a pedestal which can control the AI-An’s core. The Al-An can communicate with Robin, telling that she cannot leave. She switches on the force fields of Sanctuary and Robin must discard the core from its base before getting out.

Consciousness Transfer Device

So, you can comprehend that the facility is being guided by AI-An, who is the Sanctuary’s administrator. Robin is recommended to lay bare a machine there to take AI-An’s consciousness from the core. By working as a new storage vessel for AI-An’s mind, Robin can toggle the force fields and break free whenever.

Sector Zero

In Subnautica Below Zero, Sector Zero is the site that the game occurs. It is a mega biome which is sub-divided into smaller ones, for instance, the Arctic Spires, Sparse Arctic, and Twisty Bridges.

Sector Zero is one of the mega communities on Planet 4546B, the other being the Crater. It is on the equator although it faces an abnormal climate condition that causes it to be covered with ice and suffered from the cold temperature.

Sector Zero landmass in the new Subnautica game Below Zero is visible in the ending scene, as the Neptune Escape Rocket orbits Planet 4546B.

Sector Zero

Biomes within Sector Zero

Subnautica Below Zero game will go with a familiar style of the playfield as Subnautica. In which, the map will be split into distinct biomes. Each of them will have their own landscapes, animals, and plants. Below is the chart of confirmed biomes in Below Zero expansion.

Biomes within Sector Zero

Above Water Biomes

Underwater Biomes

Underwater Caves

Pre-Built Bases

Enabling Cheats

When you are in a world, you can hit the F3 key to check a menu. Next, choose Disable Console. Press F8. IT will display another, showing a mouse. Check the box to the left of “Disable Console” to make it active.

Enabling Cheats

When you have done, press F3 and F8 keys once more. Press ~ then or Enter key to see a box at the bottom left that you can type in.

Enabling Cheats

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