Subnautica Creatures, Crafting Features And More

Subnautica Creatures, Crafting Features And More

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The first creatures in Subnautica game that we want to introduce are the plants.



  • The Acid Mushrooms and Creepvines are the plants that you can meet them easily in the game.
  • Acid Mushroom is the common spore. It is craftable.
  • You can find Creepvine in the large forest, in the shallow water and in the sand. They are also craftable. Creepvine is the home to many underwater species.


  • Airsack: you can consume this creature. It is craftable.
  • Boomerang has two fins. This character is mostly active. It has the serrated teeth to eat the coral. It’s not craftable or consumable.
  • Peepers are consumable creatures. Their overlay adapted eyes can help them quickly escape a predator. If you look at their eyes, you are vulnerable.
  • Ray rabbit: Their flesh is not consumable, even very toxic. But it is quite friendly.
  • Spadefish is edible substantial.


  • Bitter is small and aggressive, muscular 94%, 4% and 2% connective tissue brain. They can swallow little preys. Besides, they can eat up to 100 times their body weight in the group or packs.
  • SandShark is the sectoral Endoskeleton can make slow but powerful. They are able to power up twice its size. They can dig underground to trap and surprise attack its prey.
  • Stalker: it looks like the predator. But it owns a developed intelligence and strength. It is found in the kelp forest, which being attracted by the metal.

Crafting Features and Materials

These are the resources and materials that you need to have to craft tools in Subnautica game.


Resources include the basic materials and advanced materials together with electronics.

Basic Materials

  • Titanium: Metal Salvage(x1)
  • Titanium Ingot: Titanium(x10)
  • Silicon Rubber: Silicon Rubber(x2)
  • Glass: Silicon Rubber(x2)
  • Bleach: Salt Deposit, Coral Sample(x1)
  • Lubricant: Creepvine seed collect(x2)
  • Magnesium: Salt Deposit(x3)
  • Lead: Copper ore(x3) and Silver ore(x1)
  • Enameled Glass: Stalker Tooth(x1) and Glass(x1)
  • Plasteel Ingot: Titanium Ingot, Lithium

Advanced Materials

  • Hydrochloric Acid: Deep Shroom(x3), Salt Deposit(x1)
  • Benzene: Blood oil(x4)
  • Synthetic Fibers: Benzene(x2)


  • Copper Wire: Copper ore(x2)
  • Battery: Acid Mushroom(x2), Copper ore(x1)
  • Power cell: Battery(x2), Silicon Rubber(x1)
  • Computer Chip: Table Coral Sample(x2), Quartz and Silver ore(x1)
  • Wiring Kit: Silver ore(x2)
  • Advanced Wiring Kit: Gold(x2) and Computer Chip


The private items that you should have when exploring the Subnautica consisting of the following equipment, tools, and deployable objects:


  • O2 Tank: Titanium, Glass
  • Fins: Silicon Rubber(x2)
  • Radiation Suit: Silicon Rubber(x2), Lead(x2)
  • Reinforced Dive Suit: Synthetic Fibers(x2), Silicon Rubber
  • Still Suit: Silicon rubber(x2), Silver ore(x2)
  • First Aid Kit: Creepvine Sample(x2), Bleach
  • Rebreather: Wiring Kit, Silicon Rubber
  • Pipe(x5): Titanium(x3)
  • Compass: Magnetite, Computer Chip
  • Thermometer: Computer Chip


  • Scanner: Titanium(x2), Battery
  • Flashlight: Battery, Silicon Rubber
  • Survival Knife: Titanium, Silicon Rubber
  • Dive Reel: Creepvine Sample(x5), Titanium
  • Air Bladder: Silicon Rubber(x2), Rubber
  • Flare(x3): Crash Powder
  • Habitat Builder: Computer Chip, Battery
  • Welder: Magnesium, Crash Powder, Titanium
  • Laser Cutter: Battery, Diamond, Titanium
  • Stasis Rifle: Stasis Rifle Blueprint, Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery, Silicon Rubber
  • Terraformer: Terraformer BluePrint, Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery
  • Propulsion Cannon: Propulsion Cannon Blueprint, Advanced Wiring Kit, Battery, Silicon Rubber
  • LEDLight: LEDLight Blueprint, battery, Titanium, Glass


  • Sea Glide: Battery, Lubricant, Copper Wire, Titanium
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay: Mobile Vehicle Bay Blueprint, Titanium Ingot, Lubricant, Power Cell
  • Beacon: Cooper Wire, Titanium
  • Current Generator: Battery, Lubricant, Titanium
  • Water Proof Locker: Titanium(x3)
  • Gravsphere: Battery(x2), Battery, Copper Wire

Crafting Construction Materials

Making a Base

A base is another home which allows you to go instead of the escape pod. There are a lot of different rooms, corridors along with accessories for you to select. This part will show you the way to make a base and what you have to prepare to do that.

Habitat Compartments

The habitat compartments require you to gather enough these items:

  • Hatch: Titanium(x2), Glass
  • I Corridor: Titanium(x2)
  • L Corridor: Titanium(x2)
  • T Corridor: Titanium(x2)
  • X Corridor: Titanium(x2)
  • Window: Glass(x2)
  • Reinforcement: Lithium, Titanium(x2)
  • Foundation: Titanium(x4)
  • Bulkhead: Titanium(x2), Silicon Rubber(x2)
  • Ladder: Titanium(x2)
  • Seamoth Modification Station: Titanium(x2), Glass, Computer Chip(x2)
  • I Glass Corridor: Glass(x2)
  • L Glass Corridor: Glass(x2)
  • Multi-Purpose Room: Titanium(x6)
  • Observatory: Enameled Glass(x3)
  • Vertical Connecter: Titanium(x2)
  • Moon Pool: Moon Pool Blueprint, Titanium Ingot(x4), Lubricant(x4), Advanced Wiring Kit
  • Water Filtration Machine: Filtration Machine Blueprint, Titanium(x2)


To make the Solar Pannel, Power Transmitter, Bioreactor, Nuclear Reactor, Thermal plant and Magnetite, you need to have:

  • Solar Pannel: Titanium(x2), Glass(x2)
  • Power Transmitter: Gold, Titanium
  • Bioreactor: Bioreactor Blueprint, Titanium(x4), Lubricant
  • Nuclear Reactor: Nuclear Reactor Blueprint, Titanium Ingot(x2), Lead(x3), Lubricant
  • Thermal Plant: Thermal Plant Blueprint, Magnetite(x2), Lubricant, Titanium Ingot


Appliances contain Fabricator, Locker, Wall Locker, Sign, Picture Frame, etc. They must gather enough these resources to be made.

  • Fabricator: Titanium(x2)
  • Locker: Titanium(x2), Glass
  • Wall Locker: Titanium(x2), Quartz
  • Sign: Copper Wire
  • Picture Frame: Copper Wire
  • Bench: Titanium(x2)
  • Aquarium: Titanium, Glass(x2)
  • Fragment Analyzer: Fragment Analyzer Blueprint, Titanium(x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip
  • Flood Light: Flood Light Blueprint, Titanium, Glass, Battery
  • Specimen Analyzer: Specimen Analyzer Blueprint, Titanium(x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip
  • Modification Station: Modification Station Blueprint, Titanium(x2), Wiring Kit, Computer Chip


In this section, we will give you the guide for Biomes, resources, creatures in the most common Biomes or Habitants. But you will begin to learn about the Subnautica Map.

Subnautica Map


Surface Biomes:

  • Blood Kelp Zone (150m – 675m)
  • Crash Zone (0m – 300m)
  • Dunes (65m – 400m)
  • Floater Island (Surface)
  • Grand Reef (180m – 450m)
  • Grassy Plateaus (70m – 170m)
  • Kelp Forest (1m – 160m)
  • Koosh Zone (140m – 480m)

Grand Reef

Grand Reef provides plenty of precious resources, unique creatures, and others.


  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Membrain Tree Seed
  • Mercury Ore
  • Moon Pool Fragment
  • Nuclear Reactor Fragment
  • Quartz
  • Thermal Plant Fragment
  • Uranium

Living creatures

  • Airsack
  • Boomerang
  • Eyeye
  • Hoopfish
  • Reginald
  • Spadefish


  • Floating Stones
  • Membrain Tree

Kelp Forest

In the Subnautica Kelp Forest, you can behold


  • Bioreactor Fragment
  • Copper Ore
  • Coral Sample
  • Creepvine Sample
  • Creepvine Seed Cluster
  • Cyclops Bridge Fragment
  • Cyclops Engine Fragment
  • Cyclops Hull Fragment
  • Gold
  • Metal Salvage
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragment
  • Purple Brain Coral Sample
  • Salt Deposit
  • SeaGlide Fragment
  • Seamoth Fragment
  • Silver Ore
  • Solar Panel Fragment
  • Stalker Egg
  • Stalker Tooth
  • Table Coral Sample
  • Titanium
  • Modification Station Fragment


  • Airsack
  • Bleeder
  • Eyeye
  • Hoopfish
  • Hoverfish
  • Rabbit Ray
  • Stalker


  • Creepvine
  • Pygmy Fan


  • Coral Tube
  • Purple Brain Coral
  • Table Coral


In Subnautica, you can use these commands:

  • COMMANDS: Displays all commands.
  • MADLOOT: you can receive a knife,a Builder ,3 Batteries ,4 chips ,10-still 10 glass.
  • GOTO GENROOM/ AURORA: you will move to the reactor room
  • No damage: you can start the god mode
  • Oxygen: you will obtain the infinite air
  • NITROGEN: supply more time when you are under water
  • WARP: you are able to follow the coordinates that you selected
  • RESTORESHIP: to restore the ship
  • FREECAM: toggle the free cam
  • ALLBLUEPRINTS: give you all of the Blueprints
  • BLUEPRINT NAME: grants the specified blueprint

This is the example for the BLUEPRINT SEAMOTHBLUEPRINT:

ITEM Titanium 5 *NAME – is the name of the object such as Titanium. # – is the number that you want to spawn.

Note that you will have to write the item name which containing two words as a single word (item enameledglass 4)

Farming Update: Food, Water, and Plants Part 1

Some things got harder and easier

In this update, it’s hard to build. Now, you ought to collect blueprints by scanning fragments. Try to find the power source blueprint (Solar Pannel) to construct a base!

But finding food and water is pretty easy. Hanging Fruit and Melon can supply much water. Don’t eat too many fruits until the food and water are full!

To build up a food farm ASAP, you should look for fragments.

Hanging Fruit grows a lot. While you are walking, you can pick some of them. Then, a new fruit will replace what you have picked after every three minutes.


Spoilers Ahead

You can collect guides to start growing Hanging Fruit in a new survival game. New players should not read these steps because they will spoil your experience.

Warm Up

You should spend some minutes to gear up before traveling to the Subnautica Floater Island.

  • Tanks- basic swim gear
  • Fin- basic swim gear
  • Survival Knife- fend off Cave Crawlers, cluster the plant samples, and seeds
  • Scanner- scan for blueprints
  • Flashlight- head to the island in the pitch black night
  • Builder- you can build a mini base and planters to start farming. Besides, you can postpone making the builder until you return.

Swimming to Floater Island

Of course, you will swim. When you intend to leave, you should top off food and water from the local fish. Sudden attack the locker aboard the life pod to gain the emergency water bottles and food if you feel hungry and thirsty.

The island is behind the Aurora. You can swim there without worrying about any danger. There are three rules for you:

  • Swim on top of the water!
  • Don’t get close to the Aurora because it is the Reaper territory!
  • Don’t stop at the kelp areas at night!


Reach the spot that is behind the Aurora hundred meters! Then, you can see the island after a few minutes. Remember to change the position if you don’t see that island after three minutes! You may follow the incorrect coordinates.

Farming Update: Food, Water, and plants Part 2

Scan for Planter Blue Prints

You should visit these three stunning locations on the Floater Island: an abandoned main base and two mountaintop observatories. They hide fragments that you may want to scan to gather resources for Planter Blueprints.

The abandoned base is located on the side facing away from the Aurora. You will meet many annoying cave crawlers on the way. You can skip them on the path and destroy some of them at the base with your knife.

On this island, you will see a small grove of Hanging Fruit trees. You can eat them to refill food and water. Just pick two Hanging Fruits to plant after you head back the Safe Shallows.

There are lots of plants for you to scavenge samples from the main base with three blueprints. The blueprint that you must have to explore at this base is Exterior Growbed. Besides, you can get Living Wall, Desk, and Spotlight here.


After that, you will move to the hill to view the mountaintop observatory on the right side. Plant Pot 2, Observatory, Chair, Desk, and Spotlight are found here. Interior Growbed, Observatory, and Spotlight are on the other peak.

The first crop in the Safe Shallows

You will head down toward the life pod and return. And you can build a mini base to grow two Hanging Fruits.

The following base is temporary and unpowered. It is only the place to grow and store materials while you are looking for important Solar Panel blueprints to create a powerful base. You ought to build an X corridor with a hatch in the top for maximum floor and wall space. To avoid the bugs while constructing beneath a life pod, you need to build it a few meters away from it.


Fragment Hunting

In the Farming Update for Subnautica, many fragments are deeper than the depth that your sub can dive.

It is not completely a Catch 22. Currently, you can swim outside the own sub. You will have enough air to swim down another 150m from the sub’s maximum depth with two air tanks and a Rebreather.


You can apply this dive-deeper-than-the-Seamoth trick to build a deep, unpowered micro base, often at 375m, sometimes with another at 525m. The Micro base is cheap to buy. It can’t leak and even can save the Seamoth power. You can search around the micro base without swimming too far to explore a tiny area.

Thanks for reading!

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