Subnautica Cuddle Fish Egg Locations (2018)

Subnautica Cuddle Fish Egg Locations (2018)

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Cuddle Fish Egg Locations (2018)

Here is only the brief list of the Cuddle Fish egg locations in Subnautica game since it is not easy to find the clear answers for positions. So, there are 5 Cuddle Fish eggs that spawn in a natural manner on the blue planet. They are found during the adventure. The number of these is listed after the fifth egg is seen. The information is updated with the full release. In other words, there should not be any major update which can make the guide obsolete. If there is something like that, the tutorial will be fixed.

Egg 1 (Deep Grand Reef)

Reach the Degasi Base in the Deep Grand Reef and you can collect one egg.

Note! The above images come from Early Access 2017. The egg still exists there for sure.

Egg 2 (Dunes Sinkhole)

The next place is the Dunes Skinhole. Many players in Subnautica steam believe that the Dunes Skinhole is same as the Dunes Crater. That is really a bit confusing.

The Dunes Sinkhole is extremely close to a Reaper Leviathan. It contains two big thermal vents inside. What you expect is located near the glowing plant between them. You can take a look at screenshots below to understand much more about the difference of the Dunes Sinkhole. The two following images are about the Dunes Skinhole, the actual small home of the egg.

Here is the Dunes Skinhole with two separate vents in Subnautica pc:

Subnautica Download

Two sizable vents are covered by many smaller ones.

Subnautica Steam

Now, move to the targeted spot and quickly pick up the egg.

Keep in mind that the Dunes Impact Crater of Subnautica is not where you are recommended to visit!

Egg 3 (Lost River Cache)

Subnautica Lost River Cache

What you are looking for will not be in the main research facility. It is in the precursor cache and can be pinpointed elsewhere in the Lost River. The entryway of the cache is in the part of the Lost River that pops up to have vines surrounding walls. Pass through tunnels in Subnautica game and you can see a large thick-boned skeleton which looks like armor.

Before you disable the force field blocking the entrance to the cache on the other side of the bone, you need the Orange Tablet that you will search for in the Degasi base in the Deep Grand Reef. When you have disabled, the egg will be visible on a probe table in the cache room.

Subnautica Dunes Sinkhole

Eggs 4 and 5 (Mushroom Forests)

You can feel confused about the number of eggs in Subnautica download. According to the Wiki, it reveals that the fourth egg will be discovered in caves underneath the giant mushroom tree. But, a lot of persons did not know that there are two trees, on in each of the mushroom forests.

The Western Mushroom Forest is covered by the dunes and the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. Meanwhile, the Eastern Mushroom Forest is enclosed by the Koosh Zone (AKA the Bulb Zone.)

In every forest, a huge mushroom tree will emerge. If you wander around the base of it, you will finally enter cave systems underneath both trees. The system in the Eastern Mushroom Forest is larger and you will dive deeper. Remember to observe what is below since you can land on the top of an egg! That may be why other people miss it.

Here is a screenshot of the Eastern Mushroom Forest in Subnautica game:

Subnautica Deep Grand Reef

Besides, you can enjoy another image of where exactly the cave entrance in the Eastern Mushroom Forest is.

Subnautica Mushroom Forests

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