Subnautica Day 1 & 2: Basic Crafting

Subnautica Day 1 & 2: Basic Crafting

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Day 1 & 2: Basic Crafting

Day 1: Oxygen Tank & Scanner

Oxygen Tank

After you join the new story in Subnautica game, you may want to craft a Standard Oxygen Tank which is considered as one of the earliest equipment. You can exercise skill in making that at the Fabricator by choosing three pieces of Titanium which can be found from Metal Salvage. When you start the first day in Subnautica, you are recommended to observe the ocean floor around the Lifepod because you can collect some necessary items. Do not forget to come back to the Lifepod in which you can convert them into Titanium and change it into an Oxygen Tank! You can complete that step as soon as possible since the bonus oxygen will considerably hold out the time that you use to dive. Also, it can make you feel more comfortable.

When you finish an Oxygen Tank, you can equip it on your back by using your PDA. Or, it can attach to you automatically. Now, you can plunge deeper into the world of Subnautica PC and take more air.


After you have an Oxygen Tank as expected, you will be able to fabricate a Scanner. It is an important tool that helps you scan everything existing in the surroundings. From that, you can acquire more knowledge of them. Besides, you can research many better technologies by scanning fragments floating in the blue planet. It is not only a vital task but also a primary method to progress through the technology tree.

For Scanner, you can arrive at the Fabricator to make it after you have enough one Battery and one Titanium. The Battery is considered as a basic recipe. Furthermore, Batteries are created with 2 Acid Mushrooms and 1 Copper Ore.

Note! Whenever the screen is centered on a scannable artifact, an icon will appear in the bottom.

They are resources that you can pick up during your adventure in Subnautica online game. Just embark on your exciting activity and travel your way! Tip! They are usually seen on the seabed, especially in caves and narrow areas. Do not ignore coral tubes and other cave systems nearby! They are the home of Limestone Outcroppings that produce Copper Ore Quartz and other valuables, with Quartz and other valuable stuff.

SafeShallows Caves Preview

Remember that coral tubes and systems that we have already mentioned are in the Safe Shallows, ideal places to approach materials like Limestone. Look out! There is an aggressive fish. He lives in caves. He or other friends can chase you. Therefore, please pay attention every sound or noise when they detect you. If you encounter them, you can see a beeline toward you and it will emit a tiny explosion as a sign. If you can realize he is going after you, you must dodge and run away quickly. When it’s gone, you can check the location he comes from to bring to light another crucial supply called Cave Sulfur.

Day 2: Survival Knife & Repair Tool

Survival Knife and Fins

After you successfully overcome Day 1 in Subnautica game, you can continue making other essential gear including Survival Knife, Repair Tool, and Fins. You will get close to a Biome named Kelp Forest. You can visit that community by swimming in any direction away from the Lifepod.

Biome: Kelp Forest

Biome: Kelp Forest

In the Kelp Forest, there are a lot of tall and thick kelp together with other unique plants. The water is dark and you can get some difficulties to see through. Watch out! Some predators are wandering around and can chase you whenever. Keep calm! They are not as aggressive as you imagine. You’d better avoid them. Don’t worry if they do attack you because they will only cause minor injuries.

Come to the Kelp Forest Biome and you can harvest Creepvine Seed Cluster, yellow glowing bits on the long kelp stalks. They are outstanding at night. With your familiar Fabricator, you can refine these seed clusters and turn them into Silicone Rubber, an ingredient for next devices.

After you acquire Creepvine Seed Clusters according to the lastest Subnautica update, you can form Fins which are the key to boost your movement speed. It’s quite reasonable to concentrate on them. With Fins, you can swim faster by 15%.

Repair Tool

The Repair Tool will be utilized to fix systems in your Lifepod, Radio and Secondary Systems (to the left of the Fabricator) and other parts, for example, vehicles or base facilities.

If you’d like to get a Repair Tool when playing Subnautica game, do not miss Silicone Rubber, Cave Sulfur, and Titanium. They can be searched in the Safe Shallows. You are advised to carry a Repair Kit in case you are about to move to secret zones.

You have had everything obligatory in hands. Get ready to stumble on the next phase of your long trip! Have fun!

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