Subnautica The Definitive Guide: Day 3: Seaglide, Basic Exploring, Basic Seabase Construction (WIP)

Subnautica The Definitive Guide: Day 3: Seaglide, Basic Exploring, Basic Seabase Construction (WIP)

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Day 3: Seaglide

Aside from the introduction of the Seaglide, you can find other information about some essential items in Subnautica game such as:

  • Flashlight
  • Laser Cutter
  • Search for the Seaglide fragments
  • Collect resources for High Capacity O2 Tank and Rebreather
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay
  • Habitat Builder
  • Lifepod 17

The Seaglide that you see in Subnautica game is a deployable vehicle that is operated with the hands. It is used to increase the top speed by 18.5 Knots or 9.5m/s (34km/h). It can be crafted at the Fabricator. A Seaglide will take six slots (2×3) in your inventory.

Vehicles Seaglide

If you are controlling that tool, the effective exploration range will be improved significantly. Note that the Seaglide can consume energy once it is activated. Obviously, it will become useless once the supply is depleted. However, you are able to use the new Battery to replace the empty one by pressing the R key. You will choose a replacement from held batteries. If it is fully charged, it can move approximately 3800 meters (38m/1%).

Besides of news in the existing Subnautica update, the Seaglide is also known as a small 3D map which rapidly shows you the current terrain and the built-in energy gauge. You can turn on the flashlight it has with the right mouse button. That light will pare down the energy, too. You should toggle it 3 times continuously.

Day 3: Seaglide

The Seaglide speed will not stack with the speed boost that a pair of Find gives. Additionally, the standard oxygen tank will not slow down. If you try to put on Swim Charge Fins, the Seaglide will not run out the power soon since it can recharge faster than when it exhausts.

If you’d like to gather Seaglide Fragments, you can head to the Kelp Forest and the Safe Shallows. Both of these biomes will provide what you expect immediately.


You can carry it in your store. It must be assigned to the Toolbar of Subnautica PC. When it is chosen, it will be really effective to rise up the swimming pace. So far, it has not has a Depth limit. Hence, it will work wherever you arrive.


Battery, Lubricant, Copper Wire, Titanium

Combine them at the Fabricator and you will get a Seaglide

If you are about to discover another area or engage long trips, please pack supplies and always stay within 5km of the nearest Lifepod or Habitat.

Basic Exploring

You will learn about:

  • The place to explore Subnautica steam in a safe way
  • The objects that you can look for like wrecks, blueprints, or fragments
  • Tracing the Seaglide

Basic Seabase Construction

Here, you are allowed to understand much more about:

  • Crafting the Habitat Builder
  • Picking up obligatory resources in Subnautica game for that
  • Basic seabase construction (still have no multiroom yet)
  • Powering the seabase

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