Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

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Subnautica download game is not finished yet. Being in Early Access means that it is being changed. In this article, you can find what the development team is doing, adding or changing. Also, you will know when you can expect updates, and how to get them.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Game Updates

Subnautica free game releases an official update roughly every few weeks. It is often defined on Wednesday or Thursday. If you have this game in your Steam library, these updates will be delivered automatically. Just wait and enjoy it!

In case you want to receive the development updates more frequent, you can choose “Experimental” branch. It will be updated automatically twice per day. These updates are less stable, more broken than weekly updates.

Warning: The experimental updates can make your Subnautica free game unplayable. It also contains many serious bugs. You should consider before using an Experimental branch.

How to get Experimental updates:

  • To start Experimental updates, right click on Subnautica in your steam library and choose “Properties”.
    Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress
  • Click the “betas” tab. Then, select “experimental” from the drop down list. Restart steam or leave the tab open for a while if you can’t accomplish this.
    Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Experimental branch sometimes becomes a little messy. If you want to go back to the normal weekly updates, you can choose “betas” and “None” from the drop-down list.

Dev Team Tasks

With “Trello” tool, you can track the task of Subnautica download game’s development team. Trello looks like a big board with sticky notes.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Click on this link to see the Trello board . The board is covered in cards which represent the task. Each of these cards can be assigned by the developers. They have images, videos, notes, categories, and others. You can select one to explore more information and progress.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Aside from that, cards are packed into lists. There are vertical columns running across the board. The developer’s team uses different combinations to represent their progress. Sometimes, you can see the list of “To Do”, “Doing” or “Done.”

There are also some specific lists with objectives such as “Steam Early Access Dec 16” or “Cyclops Submarine”. If you really concern about completing a specific task, you can give a vote.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Remember that Trello board is not the exact tool for you to see what they have added to the Subnautica crack game. So, you can read on to changes and Check-ins.

Changes & Checkins

Checkins are the measure can bring what you want if Trello is a rough idea. Click here to follow the checkin list. In which you can see many little text messages.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Each of them represents a checkin. It is a modification of Subnautica free game’s source repository. This source repository is the collection of files and folders built to create Subnautica. And this task takes files and mushes them together to change them into a piece of software.

Each time you receive an update via Steam, the game has been built. So, checkin made since the last ‘build” will be included in that update. Also, you can find what the team is doing to Subnautica free game before it is present in the own Steam Library.

Mailing List

Subnautica download game gets an update weekly. The team creates a short news piece each week to introduce some stuff added and changed. This news post will be sent to the Subnautica Mailing List.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

Not everybody bought Subnautica has the free time to play all updates every week. So, this mailing list is very useful to stay up to date on the development team

Click this link to sign up to the list


The Trello board tracks the major and medium bugs in Subnautica crack game that the team is aware of.

You can follow their progress in resolving these issues. Small and minor bugs are not tracked.

Subnautica: Dev Updates & Progress

If you need to report a bug, you can check out the development feedback guide. Click here

Thanks for your reading!

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