Subnautica: For Beginners

Subnautica: For Beginners

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“For Beginners” is a helpful tutorial for players in Subnautica game, especially for those who have just begun to join. There are a few sections that you can foresee. They consist of:

  • Basics
  • Tips
  • Warning
  • And some crafting recipes along with the way to search for items
  • About the map

Priorities and needs

Priorities and needs

The top priority is to come to the Kelp Forest with a Knife and a Scanner.

For Knife:

It is a useful tool that you should carry when you want to approach and discover an area in Subnautica download game, in which, you can see long and tall kelp. These large brown seaweeds are also called Creepvine. It is possible for you to collect glowing seeds. But, you do not take more than two. Look out! In the biome that you are roaming, you can encounter sharks. They can attack you if you get too close to them. In case you are chased, do not forget to ascend up and descend down. That makes the predator harder to catch you. Additionally, they cannot overtake you.

Knife Small

After you visit the Kelp Forest, you are recommended to gather some metal scraps. It is not difficult to find them because they are strewn across that place. Meanwhile, your Lifepod is on Safe Shallows.

When you get enough resources, you can return to the Fabricator. It is a good and essential machine where you can generate silicon rubber from the seed cluster. Not only that, it helps you make Titanium from small pieces. From what you have created, you can move to Equipment in order to craft a survival knife.

For Scanner:


It is a complicated item in Subnautica pc. However, it is simple to use. After you have a knife, you are advised to own spare metal scrap so one half has been completed. Afterward, quickly pick up Copper in the limestone muzzle. It is more common for you to uncover them in the coral tunnels at the beginning biome (Safe Shallows, it is located on the edge of the biome having quartz in it). Besides, you need to hunt an acid mushroom. Purple mushrooms are found everywhere after you embark on accessing the biome. Grab 2 of them.


From the materials (copper with acid mushrooms), you can build a Battery. For the leftover Titanium, choose 1 and have the scanner.

Knife and Scanner are important while wandering around Safe Shallows to look for the remains of the starship and other scannable objects if you have the proper blueprint. When you scan a fragment, it often offers 2 Titanium. After scanning something, you will get the blueprint for the future Seaglide.

For Seaglide, Battery, & Air Tank:


You can apply the following instruction to get a battery. Remember that the lubricant can be seen on the seed cluster in the Creepvine or the Kelp Forest in Subnautica game! Take it and change it into the lubricant. Aside from that, the copper wire is not too hard for you to create. Just have 2 Copper.

Next, you can craft a Seaglide. However, only utilize if necessary because the battery will be consumed rapidly, particularly if you are being hunted by dangerous ocean beasts or if you are running out of oxygen. Optional: Fins are able to be used to boost your movement speed while they need no power. It asks you to have 2 silicone rubber (made from 1 seed cluster).

Seaglide Tech Scan

To prevent the oxygen deficiency, you’d better craft an air tank. It requires 3 Titanium.

Scale To Width Down

For the Repair Kit:

Repair Kit

Before making it, try to get a Seaglide! If you have read the part above, you will understand how to produce the silicon rubber and Titanium. Do not forget that the sulfur cave in Subnautica Xbox one game is not a safe location! When you head to a cave, the red “cacoon” will appear in front of your eyes. Although you can come near them with your Seaglide, you must avoid them before they explode and cause damage to you. Then, you can go back to the “cacoon” to loot the yellow stuff which is known as Sulfur. From what you have gotten, you can fabricate a repair tool which is crucial to restoring your Lifepod.

In Subnautica game, GRAVTRAP will allow you to escape starving. It will draw fishes in the surroundings.

How & Where to Build the First Base

Tech Scan

  • Firstly, attempt to construct a Habitat Builder.

Habitat Builder

  • For the computer chip, seek 2 table coral. There is a hint of purple coral out of the edge of the terrain in the Safe Shallows.
  • Gold will be spotted in sandstone outcrops in the Kelp Forest.
  • Make a wiring kit by using 2 silver in sandstone outcrops

Habitat Builder

  • Now, you can assemble a Habitat Builder and a base.

Assemble a Habitat Builder

  • Note! Do not put windows because that can waste the whole integrity of the hull and you cannot improve your base.
  • Quartz that is advantageous for the hatch so you can enter the base. It exists wherever in the Safe Shallows. After you have a hatch, form a solar panel or 2. You can pump the air and set down it anywhere on one of the corridors (outside).
  • Subsequently, making a Fabricator is similar to steps to invent others.

Warnings and the Map

    • Do not come back to the Aurora starship even if you have the Seaglide and the Suit that can block the radiation! You can move to that position when you have a Seamoth. You can face a Reaper, a giant serpent. He can kill you with one hit.

    • There are a lot of deadly and aggressive animals in Subnautica download. They are extremely big and dreadful. Nevertheless, among one of them, there is a passive herbivorous lifeform called Reefback. He has 3 long tentacles. The Reefback will drift slowly and gently around the open waters of many biomes.


  • The Dunes in Subnautica features vast, sandy plains and dunes. There are some different littered types of rock structures. Besides of Aurora, crash zone, crash zone mesas, dunes, and mountains are the home of Leviathans. They can speedily come into sight. Watch out! When your health is below 80, they will perform an attack and cause the death of you. Do not near them! They will emit a gas that can blow apart and poison you.
  • If you control a Seamoth in Subnautica game, navigate it at the nose of Aurora after it explodes (brings a laser cutter). Do not stop until you head to the surface that you can stand on which! Codes will be hidden in the ship. When you move straight to your base of your Lifepod, you can look up maps online if you are not sure the right direction. Go with a beacon as you can reach areas for resources or bases.
  • If you press F1, a black box will pop up telling the existing region and the biome that you are staying.
  • Tap F3 to cheat, Esc and Left click to disable console command. Hit Enter and type your orders. For example:
    • oxygen: gives you unlimited oxygen
    • no damage: unable to be hurt
    • no cost: craft?building requires no materials
    • spawn: (creature/vehicle)
    • biome: name of the biome that you’d like to go to
    • freecam: lets the camera move from your body, type again to reset
    • item: what you will put down + number, eg., titanium 10
    • speed: normal speed 1
    • day: makes it day
    • night: makes it night

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