Subnautica Fragments

Subnautica Fragments

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About Fragments

Fragments in Subnautica game are small parts broken off the advanced technology. They can be scanned and analyzed before creating Blueprints. You can be found in wrecks, scattered around several Biomes around the Aurora, or strewn throughout the Degasi Seabases. Depending on the modern method being studied, another number of Fragments will be essential to make the blueprint. Choose the Scanner to research a fragment so you will soon get a perfect design that converts it into two pieces of Titanium. You can take part in a thrilling adventure. Swim around the ocean and you will have the opportunity to experience a survival skirmish between you and an aggressive beast.

Battery Charger - Modification Station

Battery Charger – Modification Station

In the early stage of the Subnautica steam game, you will get a call coming from Lifepod 17. There is a big wreck next to it. You are advised to pass through that place. You will find all of them along with a few other items. Here are what to go with you:

  • A pathfinder tool
  • A Seamoth

MoonPool – Cyclops Hull – Cyclops Bridge

For these, you can see a lot of them when you enter Mushroom Forests. They lie around those areas.

Seamoth – Prawn Suit – Rocket

When you decide to make it in the starship in Subnautica pc, you need to head down the large hallway and get close to an intersection. Afterward, you can turn right and grab the PDA’s together with everything else that you like there. Keep in mind that only one of the PDA’s is valuable!

In the next step, you will go to the left-hand side. In which, there is a sizable pile including storage containers and some artifacts which are similar to desks. It’s possible for you to carry the propulsion cannon or just change its position. Or, you can do whatever you love and jump over it then. Do not forget to swim along a little ramp and input the correct code! (It is the reason why you are recommended to select the PDA’s). Immediately, you will be brought in that hanger or something. In the new location, you can feel comfortable to open up chests and gather countless stuff. There is another ramp in Subnautica game, moving into the water. Just swim down. Unfortunately, you are facing three directions. Don’t worry!

The solution

  • To the right is the Seamoth Bay. It supplies Seamoth Fragments and a Seamoth Depth Module MK1. Quickly seize them while you are allowed. (Repair Tool Required)
  • In the middle is the Drive Room. You can embark on fixing the engine and you do not have to wear the Radiation Suit. (Repair Tool, Knife Required)
  • To the left is the Prawn Bay/Locker Room. Prawn Suit Fragments will be discovered here. Attempt to snatch them while you can! (Laser Cutter Required)

In the Prawn Bay

After you explore Subnautica download and access the Prawn Bay, some stairs will gradually become visible in front of your eyes. Once more, you are blocked. Keep calm! You can hop over them. On the top of them, you can observe living quarters, for example, some sorts of the restaurant. Moreover, you can spot the Captain’s Quarters. It will be locked and unless you are called. You cannot know the code. However, we have a surprise for you. Here it is. 2679. Come in and you will catch sight of the Rocket Blueprints with other pieces. Move forward to loot it.

Cyclops Engine – Prawn Suit Drill Arm – Prawn Suit Grapple Arm

If you travel to the North of the spawn in Subnautica game, you can be attracted by floating islands. One of them is a huge wreck. Out of the shipwreck, there are Cyclops engine fragments. You can move into to look for the drill arm, grapple arm, and much more (Laser Cutter Required).

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