Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

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Guide to Have Good Screenshots

By Jynn


Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

If you are looking for how to own the sharp picture in Subnautica game, you’d better read the short instruction below. Through the tips and tricks, we hope you will achieve the most beautiful screenshots showing the really amazing detail of the game.

Console and Commands

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

In order to switch on the console, you can press F3 and uncheck the Disable Console box (Red Circle above). And now, you have already turned on Console. Close it by using F3. Next, tap the ~ button on the right above Tab and you will soon see a small box which exists at the left – hand corner of the screen.

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

From that step, you are able to utilize the Console without difficulty. There are some helpful tutorials for you consisting of:

To turn HUD off, press F6 two times.
To turn HUD on, simply press F6 three times
For the screenshot, hit F12 (for Steam)
Aside from that, there are a few details for Console Commands including:

Freecam – It is basically the Spectator Mode. In which, your character will stay in a place and the other enemies will not get close to him.
Invisible – Everything for the protagonist happens normally but he is invisible to the foe.
Oxygen – It will eliminate the demand of you for the air in Subnatucia steam if you determine to screenshot with Invisible.
Day – It will help you establish the time to day.
Night – It is effective to set the time to night.
Fog – Just toggle Fog if necessary.
Here are tips for Freecam:

From the number 1 to 5, they can alter your movement speed.
Meanwhile, the Shift key is able to let you sprint.
You can go into the terrain. Nevertheless, you have to act cautiously because you can get lost in a dangerous world.
The Spacebar key will make you swim up.

In Subnautica pc game, there is an exciting angle that can support your picture look more special and outstanding. Have something off the center and move more to the left or the right so as to create a nice way which adds more interest to a scene. Adjust the camera lower to look up and see how big the item is. For instance,

A downward view

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

An upward view

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

The main focus off to the right

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

Here is an example related to how an angle can make an image different:

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

Here is the photograph which is shot from below. It will bring back to you the feeling of how huge they are. Both of them are nice. The upward shooting angle is another choice to supply another view.
Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots


For Subnautica steam game, the lighting can make you more attracted. It’s possible for you to toggle without the sunset or the sunrise lighting. There are several alluring light effects. For example, you locate the camera in one spot and snap screenshots for a whole day circle. It is seemingly a Stalker hot spot, too.

Pose Pictures

Because the AI moves appear at random and they are unpredictable, you will get some troubles while controlling your picture. Be patient! Aside from that, you need to try many times before you have a perfect work. You can approach a Reaper with your Cyclops and use Freecam to catch up with it.


As the AI is too accidental, you have not much time to finish. You can spam the screenshot key whilst going after a certain creature or await some beasts to swim by. Check the Sea Dragon!

Stay in front and utilize the max speed on the Freecam.

Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots


For the landscape in Subnautica game, you can take your time and find a proper angle to grab with no keeping up with the fast AI monsters.

Because of the unforeseeable nature of the AI in-game and without any way to freeze the surroundings, please attempt until you possess what you’d like. Hope you enjoyed!Subnautica: Guide To Good Screenshots

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