Subnautica: How To Kill Warpers

Subnautica: How To Kill Warpers

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About Warpers

The Warper in Subnautica game (or the Self-Warping Quarantine Enforcer Unit as named by the Precursors) is a bio-mechanical animal which is from the Precursor Race. It can create a teleport gate to warp itself and other creatures which have the equal or smaller size.

About Warpers

Their head is round and flat. They have a circular mouth with a pair of mandibles, two large and blunt teeth. Their four eyes can emit a distinct magenta bioluminescent glow. Their translucent pale blue body is covered with a thick and purple cloak. They have two spiked long arms.

Warpers can live in some deeper biomes in Subnautica pc game. They can be seen around Alien Bases or in the abandoned Disease Research Facility. Initially, they are passive. But, they will become aggressive when you progress. That is also based on your infection level, which increases as you visit some certain areas.

Note that Warpers can shoot projectiles. They will cause 5 damage per hit. They can swim and approach you very fast.

How to kill Warpers

If you have ever played Subnautica steam game, explored the vast unknown ocean world, and fabricated tools during your adventure, you will realize that your stasis rifle is a useful weapon. It is effective to prevent Reapers from getting close or attacking you. You will not have to feel anxious about any assault created by dangerous beasts. Not only that, you are able to solve troubles coming from the constant fear of those little death machines and choose to take care of a hermit-like living habit.

Remember that there will be no more submission into their persistent pursuit. Currently, the Unknown Worlds developer of Subnautica game is trying to help you figure out the best method that you can select to destroy Warpers that you encounter on the path. So, you are about to embark on another exciting stage. You’d better prepare to change your life from now on.

Get Floaters and a Propulsion Cannon

It is regarded as the first and important step. In which, Floaters will be found on rocks in the red grass plains. Meanwhile, it will not be too difficult to collect the Propulsion Cannon fragments.

Look for a Warper

You can see or search for the target when you are on a trip to Subnautica ps4 game. Any of them will do.

Are you ready to aim?

It is simple to accomplish your job and continue your exploration in Subnautica game! You need to press F before you scroll and interact with one of the mouse buttons.

Are you ready to aim


How To Kill Warpers

How To Kill Warpers

Although you cannot know how it works, it does. Maybe it’s a glitch.

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