Subnautica: How To Take Care Of A Colony Of Stalkers

Subnautica: How To Take Care Of A Colony Of Stalkers

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About Stalkers

Play Subnautica game you will have the chance to meet up with tons of fauna species. One of them is the Stalker.

Stalkers are aggressive fishes. They can be seen in the Kelp Forest and sometimes in the Crash Zone. Not only that, it is able to find them in the Safe Shallows if you are hunting Peepers or other small targets.

Stalkers are quite large beasts in Subnautica Xbox one. They have a smooth body and skin. Their head owns a long snout which is very similar to the real gharials.

There are seven dorsal plates on their back, arranged along from the neck to the tail. Aside from that, Stalkers have two pectoral and pelvic purple-tipped fins on both sides. They also possess a broad whale-like tail fin.

The food

For Stalkers in Subnautica pc game, you can make these creatures less hostile by feeding them any catchable fish or giving them collected metal pieces. Performing that will placate them for a short time. But, they prefer Peepers. For Stalkers hatched from an Alien Containment, they are still passive. However, they can steal cameras and attack your vehicles.

Actually, Stalkers will have a diet made up Peepers. If you are about to catch these, you can activate your seaglide or choose the propulsion cannon. In case you do not acquire any propulsion cannon, you can select the seamoth.


The Predators

You can know that Stalkers have their unique prey when you engage in Subnautica steam game. Therefore, they can be chased. Their enemies consist of Gasopods, Ghosts, Reapers, Ampeels, a colony of Bonesharks. Basically, they can get troubles when they face whatever that is bigger or stronger than them. If Stalkers want to stay away from those issues before they take place, your pets can cause damage first. In other words, your Stalkers are forced to protect themselves if they must battle one of the opponents.

The home

The Home

In Subnautica game, you can feel surprised when you recognize that you can get so many Stalkers and eggs hatched. Although it is not difficult to gather shelters containing their future babies, it is hard later because many of them will be set out. Some Cuddlefishes will be attacked if they try to get close to their nest. They can die and you can slice them by using your knife after that. They move to the same spot 85 meters southwest of the base in the Safe Shallows that they made their home there.

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