Subnautica In-game Map With Resource Sheet

Subnautica In-game Map With Resource Sheet

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In-game Map with Resource Sheet


There are many cave entrances, holes, thermal vents, lava geysers, larger wrecks, Degasi seabases, lists of biomes and other general locations in Subnautica game map where you can obtain most of the important resources. All of them will be shown on the map clearly. They are distinguished by color and icons. However, you will not be able to find out creatures and precursor stuff here. Everything that you are exploring is based on the information available from wiki as of 29/10/2017.

About the in-game map

Indeed, this is the map by MMaster that you can use in the picture frame in the game. It should not reveal too much the news related to the late Subnautica online game or the story content. Just provide some indications involved with where you can follow next.

The map is finally made due to similar ones are outdated. The creator does not believe completely that if every area on the playfield is exact. However, they are taken from the wiki.


You need to send the map of the Subnautica game to the own screenshots folder in case you want to pick it. To make sure that you are trying to place it on the right save, you can have a look at these steps. They will guide how to finish your task in the shortest time.

  • Boot the game and load your save
  • Next, press F11 to take the screenshot that you can recognize after that.
  • Save the game and exit

When you complete the tutorial, you will move to Subnautica save screenshots folder at Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slot0000\screenshots

If you have many saves, look for the slotXXXX folder in which you have the screenshot that you did before.

Copy the in-game map to that spot and start to play Subnautica. You can see it in the Picture frame interface easily.


Here is the image of the map that you are expecting. Hope you will enjoy your map!

Subnautica In-game Map With Resource Sheet

Thanks to those who always update the wiki, the map will not be done without all of them.

Currently, you will have the chance to feel free to select the map and carry it to anywhere. You can put it to Wiki or modify or re-upload it.

Come back to Subnautica game and check what you have read right now. Wish you have the better experience with the map! Good luck!

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