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Subnautica Items

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Subnautica is integrated with the Steam Economy. Thus, you can redeem, trade, sell and create items which are used in the game. This guide will give you the explanation about the working way of this system.


The features in this article are experimental prototypes. They can change during development. So, this guide can become outdated at the time you are reading.


Redeem a Subnautica Item

Item keys in Subnautica game have the format “AAAA-BBB-CCCC-DDDD” (TF4M-3A8E-ZMZB-PKNT). You can input these item keys in the Redeem an Item Key box located in the lower right corner. If you want to hide the email input box, you can click this button and vice versa.


Ctrl-V key will help you paste the copied keys inside this game. Note that you can’t redeem Subnautica keys directly via the Steam client, for example, you are not able to enter them into the Activate a Product on Steam section. And you can only get them in the main menu.


When you engage in the Subnautica game, the inventory will store the loot, resources, and equipment that you have collected or crafted. The Steam Economy will let this inventory limitedly extend outside Subnautica, into trading, purchasing, selling on the Steam marketplace, showcasing and displaying.


Thus, if you buy Subnautica Special Edition, you will obtain a Hull Plate which is placed on a Cyclops submarine. This Hull Plate is also seen on the own Steam profile. You can trade it for other items or display it for sale on the marketplace.


It’s possible to redeem some items by entering a key in the main menu! Then, the item will appear in the Builder menu and the Steam Inventory.


Redemption Errors

The Subnautica key redemption box will only show the error if something goes wrong. These are the possible reasons causing the error:

Invalid Key

The item servers could not recognize the key that you gave. You might type incorrectly, or you received an inappropriate key sent from another person. You should use Ctrl-V to paste it. Or you need to ask for him or her to check it again. Next, they will give you a valid key.

Duplicate Key

If the Subnautica’s item servers get a request to redeem a particular key, maybe someone owns the item. This happens once you are offered a key that being sent to somebody else.


This occurs when the item servers collect a lot of requests at a time. And they can’t follow. The game will determine to wait for a long time to talk to the item servers and even give up. You should wait for a while and try again.

If your internet connection gets trouble, this can encounter the similar state. Just double check the internet connection to deal it.

No Steam Connection

While redeeming the item, Subnautica will have to talk to the Steam. If the internet connection is not accessible or Steam is down, this process will fail. Like the step above, you’d better check the connection and Steam once again. This error will be solved by waiting for some hours and trying again.

I can’t see item in the Steam inventory

Subnautica’s item servers and Steam sometimes can end the talking about new items. And the item will not appear in the Steam inventory. Don’t worry! If Subnautica informed “success”, the item is safe and present in your account. Wait a few minutes and look at the own inventory once more.

In case it doesn’t still appear after ten minutes, you need to close and restart the game. This action will activate the communication between Steam and Subnautica’s item servers.

Other problems

By consulting the Steam Marketplace FAQ, Steam marketplace problems will be dealt.

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