Subnautica: Lost River Location

Subnautica: Lost River Location

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Lost River

Subnautica game is set on a blue planet where you are forced to adapt and survive. Aside from building a shelter or crafting tools, you are able to explore a lot of secrets during your adventures. One of them is about the Lost River, a very cold community. It is a massive and frigid place which is located deep under the surface. Not only that, it is divided into 7 distinct sub-biomes: Bone Fields, Corridor, Ghost Canyon, Ghost Forest, Tree Cove, Junction, and Mountains Corridor. Although you are given the full guide to approaching that location when watching the short video below, you can read the introduction related to Lost River to learn much more about the area that you love to visit.

Lost River Location

There are several entrances to come in Lost River in Subnautica download game. You can find them in Blood Kelp Zones, the Deep Grand Reef and the border between Mountains and Bulb Zone. The Cyclops can be selected to enter the Lost River through all four and head into the Inactive Lava Zone. However, in the following clip, the player used a small Lifepod to move. You should note that plants and animals roaming in the Lost River are immune to the acidic brine. It is a unique trait. It is the substance that causes the water to turn green and makes the Lost River in Subnautica get more mysterious.  If you are a fan of Subnautica steam, you can know that some organisms lack that ability, especially the Blood Crawler and Ghost Weed.   These acidic brine pools cover most of the lower parts of caves. Which ones seen throughout almost the cave system will harm you if you interact directly without the PRAWN.

Lost River Location

It is the main section that you can check easily. It is recommended to listen to the direction that he picks to start to leave the Aurora territory in Subnautica ps4 and head into the Floater Island. It is a smooth trip that you can come after. Wish you reach the area you want in the shortest time!


  • Similar to a few segmented biomes in Subnautica like the Inactive Lava Zone, the Lost River’s technical data separates it into the LostRiver_TreeCove, LostRiver_BonesField, and LostRiver_BonesField again for the Ghost Canyon. It will help the AI choose music tracks, random events, and creatures’ behavior.
  • The acid damage from the brine can be put into effect. Enormous jets of acid will drop on an alien seabed.
  • In Subnautica game, the actual brine is also regarded as a biome. It is labeled LostRiver_BonesField_Lake.
  • The Ghost Forest was initially named Ghost Trees Chamber before the Bones Update.

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