Subnautica: Make your Seaglide

Subnautica: Make your Seaglide

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Make your Seaglide

It’s time to make a brand new vehicle! Say hi to Seaglide in Subnautica game now! This is a type of vehicle that will take up to 9 spaces in the inventory. That’s kind of a lot! In some situations, you may find it worth, especially if you have enough space for it. Follow the tutorial below here to make your Seaglide:

  • Survival knife
  • Scanner
  • Tank of O2 (1-2)

It can be the initial vehicle that you will create, or it can even be the last one! No need to get a Seaglide for creating a Seamoth, however, crafting a Cyclops does require a Seamoth or Seaglide. It’s a piece of cake to create a Seaglide because it doesn’t involve any rare materials.

Seaglide Blueprint

Go to the kelp forest biome on some of the small arid beds filled with grass to search for Seaglide fragments. They won’t sometimes be covered. Stay alert to 2 threats while you are in the kelp forest, including stalkers and bleeders. You must dodge all the bleeders. However, you shouldn’t get too much worried! You won’t get attacked if you stay away from them. For the stalkers, you can utilize a knife to scare them away. If you feed them with a dead peeper or release a metal scrap, you can totally domesticate them for around 6 minutes. Don’t forget the stasis rifles; they can be extremely helpful for you to battle against the stalkers.

Make your Seaglide

To get the blueprint, you’re supposed to scan 2 Seaglide fragments. When you’re done, you can check them out under the blueprint tab in the inventory. Press key Tab to bring up the inventory.

Gathering Materials

Gather these materials:

  • 3 copper
  • 4 acid shrooms
  • 1 titanium
  • 5 creep vine seed clusters

Now, go to these places to get them:

  • You can find the copper in limestone outcroppings located in the safe shallows
  • For the acid mushrooms, go to the ocean floor of the safe shallows
  • Go to the limestone outcroppings in the kelp forest to find Titanium, and use the metal salvage to craft this Titanium
  • You can hunt for the creepvine seed clusters on the creepvines in the kelp forest.

You’re supposed to craft 2 copper and the acid mushrooms into 2 batteries at the beginning. To get silicone rubber, try to craft 3 creepvine seed clusters. To get a power cell, try to craft the batteries and rubber.
To get lubricant, craft 2 creepvine seed clusters
Try to craft 1 copper to get a copper wire
The recipe is done now!

Crafting your Seaglide

When you’re done crafting items in the gathering materials section above, here is your list:

  • Seaglide Blueprint
  • 1 powercell
  • 1 titanium
  • 1 copper wire
  • 1 lubricant

In the blueprints tab and the Seaglide blueprint, all of the text green should turn up. If you do have all of them, now head toward the fabricator and move to deployables, then click the Seaglide
You can look at your blueprints tab, and your Seaglide blueprint should have all of the text green. If you do, you can go to your fabricator and go to deployables and click on Seaglide. All your materials will be sucked up, and the text will appear, saying “picked up Seaglide x1”
Bring up your inventory by hitting Tab, and move your mouse over the Seaglide. Now, from 1 to 5 keys, hit one of them to place it to the spot located on the hot bar. When your inventory is closed, you can totally equip it fast by hitting the similar 1-5 keys.
Utilizing your Seaglide
After equipped your Seaglide, you can utilize the keys WASD for taking control of it and moving it around. Seaglides won’t accelerate your spacebar or key Q movement. You can see the battery percentage on Seaglides. If you want to recharge it, hit key R. Make sure that your battery is already appeared in your inventory.

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