Subnautica: Making Your Cyclops

Subnautica: Making Your Cyclops

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Making Your Cyclops

Subnautica game offers various challenges and goals to players! Once joining, you are supposed to try your best to create your whole new world as well as conquer those objectives. Making your Cyclops can be considered as one of the greatest goals in the game. To make the Cyclops, you have got to make a base which is a moving base that won’t be attacked by the wicked stalkers or the hostile sharks. Before starting to create Cyclops, you need to prepare some of the rare materials. Follow the tutorial below now!
Fundamental materials and equipment:

  • Seamoth or seaglide
  • Beacon (not compulsory, crafted below deployables)
  • Food and water
  • Stasis rifle (not compulsory, but it’s still good to have one initially)
  • Powercell
  • Battery (only if you are utilizing seaglide the only transportation unit)
  • Moving vehicle bay
  • Prepare from 1 to 3 tanks. But if you are utilizing a seaglide, just bring at least 3.

In addition, you’re also supposed to get Cyclops blueprints by scanning some of Cyclops fragments. Try to scan one of each type:

  • Cyclops Hull Fragment (available in the kelp forest)
  • Cyclops engine fragment (available in the grassy plataues)
  • Cyclops bridge fragment (available in the shroom forest and the dunes)

Look out for the bleeders turning up in the kelp forest
Look out for the reapers turning up in the dunes
Look out for the sand sharks turning up in the plateau
Look out for the bone sharks turning up in the shroom forest

Uncommon Material: Lithium

This material is very rare; it’s really hard for you to find it in the safe shallows, the kelp forest, and the plateau. You usually pay a visit to those biomes. If you want to find lithium, you should go to the mushroom forest. On the map, you can see there are two mushroom forests, one is next to the aurora, and one is kind of far-off. Go further! For the one that is next to aurora, you surely have to get a radiation suit, and you might be in danger because of some reapers surrounding.

Making Your Cyclops

In order to hunt for another biome, you’re supposed to go away from the Aurora. So, let’s go to the kelp forest till it fell off into the depths. Far away from there is the mushroom forest. You can utilize a base builder to construct a room and a hatch if you have no Seamoth. Doing this will help you in taking a breath. Move lightly along the floor to find a bunch of lithium. A Cyclops will require 5.
Don’t move away from your seamoth/oxygen source too much!  You will get lost easily when wandering off in the mushroom forest. If you get lost around 135 meters deep, you will surely get drowned. So be aware of it!

Threats of the Mushroom Forest

There are some dangers that you may bump into when you go alone in the mushroom forest:

  • Bone Sharks – They are very fast and can attack you while you turn your back.
  • Drowning – This is the most usual threat that you will meet. However, it’s kind of easy to dodge.
  • Bleeders – If you get attacked by them, just use a knife and kill them, or spam LMB.

When you approach the mushroom forest, just launch your beacon. You can totally find it once again if you want
Gather 5 lithium and return to the main base. But if you don’t get any of them, just follow the escape pod beacon to return to the pod.

Uncommon Material: Stalker Tooth

Stalker’s teeth are very significant for enameled glass. Try to get 5 of them to create a Cyclops. You can totally find them because they are not too uncommon. Start hunting for them up close to metal salvage located in the kelp forest.
Dental therapy, stalker buddies: Now you will have to get these:

  • Stasis rifle
  • Metal salvage (in the kelp forest)

Now, let’s move to the kelp forest and start searching for a stalker.  While he gets frozen swimming around 4 meters straightly on this head. Just release the salvage when the bubble starts fading. The stalker will bite the metal and swim away. Go after him! You need to get stalker teeth dropped on the ground. Try to do this step over and over again until you get 5 stalker teeth.

The last preparation

After getting 5 lithium and 5 stalker teeth, now you have to prepare these:

  • 50 titanium!
  • 10 quarts
  • 2 copper
  • 4 acid shrooms
  • 2 creepvine seed clusters
  • 1 gold
  • 1 copper

Now, you have to craft the copper and mushrooms to change them into 2 batteries. The seed clusters will be crafted into silicone rubber. Then, the batteries and rubber will be crafted into a power cell. After that, go craft a bunch of titanium into titanium ingots, 10 quarts will be crafted into 5 glass. The copper needs to be crafted into copper wire. Then, make the good use of wire and gold to create a developed wiring kit. You can go find copper and gold in limestone outcroppings.
Containing uncommon materials
Change 5 glass into 5 enameled glass using the stalker teeth
Change 5 titanium ingots into 5 plasteel ingots using lithium

Crafting the Cyclops

Now, you have the full list of materials stored in your inventory; it’s time to move to the moving vehicle bay!

Materials list:

  • 5 plasteel ingots
  • 5 enameled glass
  • 1 advanced wiring kit
  • 1 power cell

Move up to the vehicle bay and start crafting your mean of transport, known as Cyclops.

That’s done! You have created a giant submarine. In order to navigate the Cyclops, you need to move to the cockpit and tap LMB when facing toward the wheel. Use the space bar to move the Cyclops, press key Q to move it down directly. In order to reposer the submarine, head to the engine room and check out the power cells. You can totally change them out much which is just like a Seamoth battery. For recharging, try to place the solar panels on the roof of the Cyclops.

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