Subnautica: Making your Seamoth

Subnautica: Making your Seamoth

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Making your Seamoth

Are you ready to make a Seamoth which is considered as another cool vehicle in Subnautica game? This mean of transport is sort of amazing! Although it’s just a small submarine, it still can carry you to the biomes fast and protect you from the attacking of aggressive creatures. With the full tutorial below, you can totally learn how to make your Seamoth easily. This vehicle doesn’t require the rare materials like Cyclops. All you have to do is to prepare the usual ones. Check this guide out:

  • Survival knife
  • O2 tank, maybe 1 or 2
  • Scanner
  • Fabricator

Scanner can become the toughest tool for getting here, and also, it’s sort of significant. It consists of Titanium and a Battery. The fragments were scanned using a Fragment Analyzer in the previous versions of the game. But now, you’ve got to carry the scanner around and get fragments scanned for getting blueprints.

Seamoth blueprint

The first thing you have to do to make the Seamoth is to get its blueprint. You can direct the scanner at Seamoth fragment and click right to create the blueprint. The blueprint requires 2-5 fragments scanned. So, try to do that! A fragment will be just like a small gray box using a hatch on the side.
You can go to the safe shallows and the corner the grassy plateau to search for Seamoth fragments. Be aware of the direct that you are going while you’re hunting! Don’t go toward the Aurora too far. Otherwise, you will get destroyed by the radiation if you don’t wear a radiation suit. Watch out for a stalker as well!

Making your Seamoth

Stalker won’t bring any harm to you if you keep a certain distance away from him, provided that you kind of know where he is. Don’t come closer to him, especially at night. He will surely assault you!
Also, don’t forget to watch out for the bleeders! They will snatch your arm up and such all your blood. Try to use a knife skillfully to cut them off of your arm. These enemies appear in the kelp forest in the latest update.
If you don’t know where Seamoth fragments are, and you can’t find them, just go to the ridge that faces the Aurora and check them out. Stay alert to surroundings! Surely you know that radiation is also your enemy! So, stay away from them at all cost! Reaper leviathans too! They are very perilous; you can totally get destroyed with just one 1 from them. They can even snatch your Seamoth up and drag it around when you finish making it.
Look at the world map below! Now, you’re in a zone at random in the secure shallows (known as a gray area). This is the place where you can find lots of Seamoth fragments. If you wander off in the Crash Zone, always stay watchful for Reapers and Radiation. Reapers also appears at dunes and reef too.

Making your Seamoth

Hitting key TAB will help you in opening the inventory. Also, you can catch sight of some of the menu tabs on the inventory menu. Your blueprints tab is there! Below it is the blueprints and the process for the new blueprints to be created.

Mobile Vehicle Bay blueprint

When you’re dome searching for Seamoth fragments and creating a blueprint, now, it’s time to move under the blueprints in the menu, and move the cursor over the Seamoth. You will know which materials you are supposed to craft. Green color will be the materials you have, and the red color will be ones you don’t have.
Fabricator can’t be a good place for you to craft a Seamoth, but with a mobile vehicle bay, you totally can! You’re supposed to craft this sort of bay in the fabricator. However, it can’t be there. Gotta get a blueprint to make it! Therefore, go hunting and scanning more and more!
You can totally find fragments of mobile vehicle bay in the kelp forest. But stay watchful for the bleeders and stalkers!
After getting the blueprint, now you gotta have these:
1 titanium ingot (using 10 titanium to craft- go search for metal salvage in the kelp forest)
1 lubricant (using 2 creepvine seed clusters to craft – get the glowing balls in the kelp forest)
1 powercell ( using 2 batteries to craft, each of which are created with 1 copper and 2 acid mushrooms. You can find copper nearby the breaking limestone located in the safe shallows and the kelp forest)
When you crafted, it will be exhibited in the hot bar if you still have enough space. Press the key number on the hot bar. It will station and float. Come closer then there will be a blue hand turning up and saying “climb vehicle bay,” hit LMB for climbing. After you climb it, just hit LMP again for using the bay, which is just like a fabricator. To leave the bay, you must point the mouse off the crafting buttons then click.

Crafting your Seamoth

Are you ready to make the real Seamoth after getting a vehicle bay and the blueprints? In order to craft it, just follow the guides below here!

1 titanium ingot

Use 10 Titanium to craft. Search for the metal salvage in the kelp forest to get the titanium, and then cook it into titanium.

1 power cell

Use 2 batteries to craft. Each of them is created with 1 copper ore and 2 acid mushrooms. You can go to breaking limestone outcroppings to in the safe shallows to get copper, and go to the patch of safe shallows to find mushrooms.

1 Lubricant

Use 2 creepvine seed clusters to craft, which can found on the creepvines appearing in the kelp forest.

2 glass

Use 2 quarts each to make. So, you will have 4 quarts for both glass in total. You can find quarts in each biome, even the safe shallows.
For crafting the Seamoth, now, move to the mobile vehicle bay and bring all the materials with you, then click like this: vehicles => Seamoth => click to craft

Utilizing Seamoth

For utilizing the Seamoth, you need to get close to it and hit LMP after the blue hand turning up. To leave your Seamoth, tap key E. Tap RMP for toggling the headlights when you’re in the Seamoth

Recharging your Seamoth

Different from other charged stuff in the game, you can’t recharge it by tapping R. You gotta get a power cell for recharging.


  • 2 Batteries: Use 1 copper and 2 acid mushrooms to craft batteries. You will need 2
  • 1 Silicone Rubber: The recipe of silicone rubber was switched to 2 Creapvine seed clusters.

After getting a Power Cell in the inventory, now, let’s move to the back of the Seamoth and get closer to the capsule which is loaded into the back. After the blue hand turning up, along with the text saying “switch power cells”, tap LMB to recharge your Seamoth
The Seamoth will be destroyed by sprinting into kinda things, on the bottom of the HUD is the HP when you’re in the Seamoth. You can repair Seamoth utilizing a welder.
Know what it takes to craft a welder? Here it is:

  • Crash powder
  • titanium
  • silicone rubber
  • glass

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