Subnautica: [Mod] Multiplayer

Subnautica: [Mod] Multiplayer

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Subnautica: [Mod] Multiplayer

[Mod] Multiplayer is the guide that will introduce the way to install that Nitrox function on Subnautica game and launch a server in the right method. It is from MadeNes.


The tutorial is made because many people could not find any tip in French on the installation of the mod Nitrox, which will help you play in multiplayer. It is available for you to discover much more about the home of over 28 million developers working together. Visit it at the address:

Besides, you are able to witness what was already finished here:

There is an item that should be clarified that the mod is in progress development and there are many bugs which can soon appear. Not only that, it is not official, the creators of the Subnautica pc game are not at the origin of it. It will give you a great chance to engage in an awesome multiplayer adventure on Subnautica, awaiting another possible true update for what you have expected.

Additionally, the mod will change the internal core of the game. Therefore, the way is not difficult for Subnautica. If it gets troubles, a full reinstallation will be activated and it will get rid of the mod in an instant.

Install Nitrox

  • You need to download these links:
  • They are programs that assist your mod in Subnautica steam. For Visual Studio, a window will pop up and require you to set “components” for .Net (about 3Go ~ 3.5GB size).
  • Next, you will log in Git Bash and press Enter. There will be another window: “git clone – recurse-submodules / Nitrox “
  • You will move to Documents and Nitrox later.
  • Now, you can explore Lance Visual Studio Administrator
  • Note! Subnautica steam game must be on the C: basic disk that is to say in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Subnautica. Otherwise, a change will be made. You can see in the third part.
  • In Visual Studio, do File-> Open Project, and head to the page that contains the file Nitrox .sln in “Documents \ Nitrox”. Click Open!
  • Choose Generate and Generate Solution
  • When that is done, it will be assumed to be “Generation: 8 passed, 0 failed, 0 updated, 0 was ignored”
  • Lancer dnSpy
  • Select File-> Open and move to the folder, in which, is to install Subnautica ps4 Do not forget to visit Subnautica_Data \ Managed \, click on Assembly-CSharp.dll and Open!
  • Then, you can tap on the icon search and seek “GameInput”
  • Double click on GameInput
  • Hit Ctrl and F at a time and write “awake”
  • Click the { and press Ctrl with Shift (or Shift) +E
  • Combine Ctrl and O, usually you are still in the Managed folder, detect NitroxPatcher.dll and check it
  • In dnSpy, you will pick the line after GameInput.SetupDefaultBindings ((GameInput.Device ) i); and put in writing (without the “”) NitroxPatcher.
  • Opt for Compile at the bottom right
  • File-> Save All-> Ok
  • Close all
  • Log Subnautica game
  • A Multiplayer button will be located on the main menu and you can start

Special Installation

  • The tip if Subnautica is not in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Subnautica: -Once
  • The Nitrox.sln file “builds” (view Install Nitrox), an error will spawn and a file called DevVars.targets will be generated in the folder “Nitrox”
  • Unlock the file DevVars.targets with your Notepad, you can place the installation path at the line before saving it
  • Do again the manipulation of Visual Studio

Creating a Subnautica Server

  • It is not difficult to carry out a server for Subnautica xbox one
  • Firstly, throw wide the port 11000 off your box in TCP
  • After that, you can advance to a site to recognize your IP like
  • Release in Documents \ Nitrox \ NitroxServer \ bin \ Debug software NitroxServer.exe
  • There will be a Console. Make it work while you are playing.
  • What your server is online

Join a Server (Host side)

  • When you are in the fun Subnautica game, you will be on Multiplayer
  • Enter a name and like IP “localhost”
  • Decide on adding server and enter a username before participating

Be a part of a Server (Client side)

  • In Subnautica game, interact with Multiplayer
  • Add server and input a nickname and like IP, the IP of the one who owns the server
  • Click on it and prepare to enjoy

Alternative to join a server (Host or Client)

  • The command: mplayer playername [IP]
  • It supports you to connect to the server when the button Multiplayer does not run
  • Reset “playername” with your username and [IP] with the IP of the host or local host if you are that character

History of the updates of the guide

  • 1- Creation of the Guide and Publication (24/02/2018)
  • 2- Addition of a command to join a server (09/03/2018)

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