Subnautica PRAWN Suit Anti-Glitch 3,000 – Falling Through The World

Subnautica PRAWN Suit Anti-Glitch 3,000 – Falling Through The World

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PRAWN Suit Anti-Glitch 3,000

Players in Subnautica game will have another chance to collect much more experience to overcome difficulties during their journey. The new guide will show you the way to fix or fight against 3 PRAWN Suit glitches that make you annoyed, consisting of falling through the ground, getting the suit 100% stuck, and grappling hook problems. We will come to the first part.

PRAWN Suit falling through the world

That special costume is very strong. It can be operated at crushing depths and in zero gravity. But, it is able and easy to fall through the world.

Subnautica PRAWN

Each time you move to another area in Subnautica steam game with the PRAWN, you can see that it will become a good day. The suit only no-clips straight through the ground and starts getting troubles. You cannot boost to jet while you feel difficult to determine the direction.

Fortunately, not all will be lost if you try to do that accurately. You will not lose anything but a mere for a couple of minutes. Additionally, you should not worry as you can check two methods below. Choose to follow whatever you want to carry it through.

1.      The Lazy Method

It will cause annoyance when it begins to engage. Once it is activated in Subnautica pc game, you can be delivered to the Safe Shallows, close by your life pod. With these bad advantages, you are advised to pick the second technique.

You are recommended to stay still in the PRAWN whilst you are using the current tip.

Warning! It can suddenly land you in different deeper locations of Subnautica game. In case you are evading every possible spoiler, you’d better avoid selecting it.

  • Firstly, you will switch on the use of commands. If you are controlling a Windows machine, you can hit F3. If you are utilizing a Mac device, you will hold in FN and press F3. You can embark on giving orders and the black box will pop up after that. Next, you can choose these keys one more time and remove that box from the screen before commands are carried out.
  • Secondly, you can put yourself into Creative. Just press Enter or the return key. Type in: creative. Tap Enter to open up the corresponding mode in Subnautica ps4 The own PRAWN suit will not be damaged when it is below the crushing depth. Besides, all parts will not be ruined or its power will not be exhausted. Therefore, you will not be hungry, thirsty or run out of health and oxygen.
  • Thirdly, Fall. When the suit has approached the well-below-crush-depth of 8,000 meters down, you and the costume will be immediately thrown back into the Safe Shallows as if nothing has ever occurred. Note! Remember to take a look at the Warning above! When you beat below 3,000 meters, you have traveled every biome you can reach. If you come back the Safe Shallows, try to press Enter and type the command: survival. Hit Enter so that you will be placed into the survival mode. Or, you can type “hardcore” instead if you were in that room.

2.      The Slightly More Complex Method

It is obviously dissimilar to the alternative. Furthermore, it is more complex. Nevertheless, it will not allow you to return to the Safe Shallows in Subnautica game easily. So, you can head to whenever that you expect, most likely a zone in the surrounding region or directly above you.

  • You need to turn on commands. If you are on a Windows device, you can interact with the F3 button. If you are using a Mac machine, you will have to hold in FN and hit F3. It will quickly run and the annoying black box will become visible. You can choose those keys again to switch off the box and so commands can act.
  • To test the Creative Mode, you can input “creative” after you press Enter or Return key. Tap Enter to join the mode. The PRAWN can defy dangers from the environment. It will be safe from running out of power when it is below the crushing depth. Thus, you can stay alive.
  • It is essential to freeze the PRAWN! While you are staying inside the suit, you will select Enter and type the command: warpforward 3000. Press Enter. Because Subnautica xbox one game is still buggy, that will not teleport the PRAWN forward 3,000 meters. So, it will be frozen in place. If that costume is hit by something on the path, it will fall again.
  • You must spend a little time so that the jet boost can be refilled completely. It is the purple bar on the bottom right of the suit GUI.
  • Exit the PRAWN by using the E key. Get into the PRAWN and jump up. Enter again. It will fall again. Because of the full jet boost, opt for your boost by tapping Space in order to accelerate yourself back up. When you are out of that ability, just press Enter, Up, Enter. It will refill and you can reuse the last command.

Redo steps 3-6 until you come back into the world. Your item will not clip back through the ground in Subnautica game at all times. But, do not crash into any coral or entity along the way. Otherwise, these obstacles will block you from going back up.

If you have arrived at where you want, press Enter and type: survival. Hit Enter and you will participate in the survival mode. Or, “hardcore” can replace if you were in the hardcore mode.

Glitch “Vaccines”

In Subnautica game, you can encounter many bugs. Keep calm! There are some glitch vaccines that will prevent glitches before they come.

  • Do not let your PRAWN bump into walls, ceilings, floors at the high speed. It often no-clip more the faster it’s moving. Thus, you can pick out the jet boost to lower its pace before it lands if you are accelerating towards the ocean floor rapidly.
  • PRAWN should not land on the slanted surface. It will be much easier to make the suit no-clip when you hit the base or a side of a pillar in the Grassy Plateaus.

Tree Mushrooms in Subnautica game are really strong so that the PRAWN can stand on.

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