Subnautica Progression Guide

Subnautica Progression Guide

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Subnautica Progression Guide

Here is the full list of levels in the progression guide that anybody joining Subnautica game should explore.

Phase 1: Basic Tools





(do not build Oxygen Tank yet)

Propel the body through water a surface to reach the Floating Island in Subnautica ps4 game

It is possible to completely scan the low garden base

Ingredients, Notes, Logic

Fins: 3 creep vine cluster

Scanner: 2 acid mushroom & 1 copper

Knife: 2 Titanium or 1 metal scrap

Meanwhile, the Oxygen Tank will appear at the third stage. So, it is necessary to avoid diving before you obtain them.

Floating Island in Subnautica game will open the gate of where you can sustain food and water by cultivating a garden of your own.

Phase 2: Floating Island (South)

Floating Island (South)


While roaming around the ocean of Subnautica download game, you can gather 4-8 Marblemelon and 2 Bulbo seeds.

Scan two high bases

Eat and drink the fresh Bulbo before leaving

Get back to Life Pod 5

Standard Oxygen Tank

Habitat Builder

Ingredients, Notes, Logic

Pick up ores or metal in the Safe Shallows biome

Standard O₂ Tank: 3 Titanium

Habitat Builder: 2 Silver, 1 Gold, 2 Copper, 2 table coral with scanner’s battery

Phase 3: Construct Base near Lifepod 5

Construct Base near Lifepod 5


Construct a general room next to the surface close by Lifepod 5 when playing Subnautica steam!

Build the growbed leaning against the wall and plant Marblemelon

Create 2 tucked away pot plants and start 2 Bulbo Trees

Make 2 Solar Panels on the roof

Remember to cook fish and catch the Bladderfish until plants can be harvested!

Produce 4 batteries

High Capacity Oxygen Tank

Ingredients, Notes, Logic

12 Titanium and 1 Quartz (consisting of a corridor and a floor hatch)

Phase 4: More Tools and Lockers


Repair Tool



6 wall lockers


Ingredients, Notes, Logic

To those who engage in Subnautica, it is essential to repair Lifepod 5!

Phase 5: Mobile Vehicle Bay and Seamoth

Mobile Vehicle Bay and Seamoth


Mobile Vehicle Bay


Collect resources and scan items

2 more Solar Panels on the roof

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 6: Charging Stations


Set 2 more Solar Panels on the roof

Battery Charger


Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 7: Small Wrecks and Destroyed Lifepods

Small Wrecks and Destroyed Lifepods


Discover crashed Lifepods (progress story) in Subnautica download and you will reveal lots of surprises

Head to nearby mini wrecks

Scavenge Titanium and resources

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 8: Build Foward Base



Ingredients, Notes, Logic

You’d better pay attention to a forward base in the SW Grassy Plateaus. It is not far from Lifepod 5 Base and you can approach other biomes easily such as Jellyshroom Caves, Lost River, or Grand Reef. It is equal or bigger than your Lifepod 5 Base. Besides, in the Grassy Plateaus, it is simple to control a Cyclops.

Phase 9: Pre-Wreck Checklist

Pre-Wreck Checklist


Radiation Suit

Modification Station

Ultra Glide or Swim Charge Fins

Ultra High Capacity O₂ Tank


Laser Cutter

Pathfinder Tool


Disinfected Water

Ingredients, Notes, Logic

Swim Charge will work more effectively when you choose Seaglide.

You should switch on the light when you venture in Subnautica because the scanner will be held during wrecks. It can flare up double to lure sharks away from Seamoth.

Phase 10: Large Wrecks

Large Wrecks


Check all 23 large wrecks

Prioritize to improve the Seamoth


Alien Containment


Cyclops Fragments

Upgrades and more blueprints

Ingredients, Notes, Logic

Protect the Seamoth and fix its damages in time or you can get troubles with aggressive creatures of Subnautica multiplayer game!

Do not be greedy with Oxygen! Always evade beasts! You can avoid visiting Dunes, Mountains and Grand Reef until you have Cyclops.

Dive depth, 2 lockers, hull reinforcement

Lightstick in Subnautica game is a calm unlimited deployable source which is handy for large wrecks. However, they will be only seen in big shipwrecks.

To Alien Containment, they can be selected to breed Reginald and rare plants.

Phase 11: Cyclops



Seek lost fragments of Cyclops and resources to fabricate

Grow your Marblemelon garden in the Cyclops

Design wall lockers

Look for the power cell charger for your submarine

Complete dangerous large wrecks in areas: Dunes, Mountains, and Grand Reef

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 12: Finish All Upgrades and Get Supplies


Unlock every upgrade to make means stronger and conquer Subnautica steam sooner, especially for your Cyclops

Obtain numerous Cured Reginald, Large Filtered Waters, First Aid Kits, and Batteries

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 13: Aurora and Prawn Suit


Board the Aurora and take possession of every blueprint

Get the Prawn suit

Form it

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 14: Fulfill Everything You Want To Do Above the Seafloor


Play Subnautica Xbox One around with the Prawn suit, Cyclops, and your base

Receive Cured Reginald, Large Filtered Waters, First Aid Kits, with Batteries

Equip you with Reinforced Suit

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


Phase 15: Lost River and Deeper


Dive into the Lost River and deeper locations

Ingredients, Notes, Logic


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