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Subnautica Seabase Planning

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Subnautica Seabase Planning – Resource and Hull Strength Calculator

You want to build an epic Seabase in Subnautica free game, but you don’t know if it will hold together at 600m? Do you place buildings together in Creative Mode but you want to know if it would work in Survival, without rebuilding it from scratch first? Let’s explore the answer in this guide! You will receive the clear explanation about how to build a Seabase can work in Survival Mode and including a link to a tool that you can use to show the amount of resources and the strong structures.


Seabases and your plan in Subnautica download
In Creative Mode, you can place crazy buildings neatly so that you will want to recreate it in Survival Mode.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
It is what I thought to make a nice hub base in Survival Mode. You can think of how much resources you will take and the positive hull strength it will not fall apart. You can look up all recipes for every room, read all information about how each structure affects hull strength and note how depth affects that and then put it all together in one place. So, it will be easy for you to figure out if anything you build in Creative could work in Survival. Also, how many materials you will use to recreate it.

The Basics – understanding mechanics behind Seabases

Seabases in Subnautica free game are the inhabitable structures can be created by using the builder’s tool. In Creative, you start your work with a tool in the own inventory with infinite resources. Just create whatever you want. However, in Survival, there are many limitations. The first thing you need to do is to collect materials.
When you create your ideal base in Survival, other limitations are around the depth of the base. The large base will require lots of resources. It can make you get a headache. The base is also affected by water pressure. So, if the depth is too great, the base will be ruined. It can cause a flood.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
“Hull integrity” is the resistance to pressure of a base in Subnautica crack game. With Survival, it appears on the HUD each time you build or change a base. A base begins with ten hull integrity. Most if the structures like rooms, corridors and windows have the lower one. Don’t let it drops below 0 or your base will be flooded! But some structures can raise the number. They allow you to build bigger and more elaborate bases such as foundations, reinforcements, and bulkheads.
The negative modifiers to hull integrity are affected by depth. If you go deeper, the impact will become larger. If a corridor is around 100 meters depth, it can cause -1 to hull integrity, at 200 meters that figure becomes -1.1.
This is applied only to underwater structures. If you build a base which is coming from the land to the water, the underwater part will be affected by depth. Especially, two parts will not influence each other.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
The negative figures to hull integrity is modified on top of that depth. Structures in Subnautica game free which are increasing the number are always constant. If you want to increase the hull integrity, you can use reinforcements, at a low cost of two titanium and one lithium. Then it can increase by 7.
If you make your Seabase mess, you will have to need a welder to repair it. With the base having the positive hull integrity, breaches will not exist, and your base will pump the water out automatically. Remember that -5 is the lowest hull integrity!

Plan your base – desire vs. reality

You should know what you want to build in Subnautica game free and avoid drowning in a titanium box. To make a perfect Seabase, you need to have an idea and a clear plan. If you want to create a big base in the safe shallows with six moonpools, you have to recharge a small fleet of seamoths to use and travel between smaller seabases around the map.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
There are 9604 combinations of seamoth upgrade modules. And there are at least two or three different configurations for different situations or areas. If you want to build faster in Survival, you should have a good idea of the amount of titanium or the size of the future base. Thus, you can save your time. You can remember all resource requirements for each structure or you can refer Subnautica wiki on seabases with the link . Or you can write down such as following images.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
Now, it’s pretty easy for you to calculate everything for a base even though its size is big. You can copy this spreadsheet here .

Subnautica Seabase Planning
The number shows you the raw cost of rooms that you will accomplish. If your base has six glass corridors, it will tell you 24 quartz. The sheet also gives you the number of the hull integrity of your selected structures at the most depth.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
On top of that sheet, you can see the available space and add reinforcements. If you planned to build a base that isn’t structural, you would know how much reinforcement real estate to stop leaking. Both the wiki and spreadsheet will provide to you all resources and hull integrity modifiers of every structure for building a seabase. You can remember figure 1.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
You can count up all the rooms, corridors, moon pools, windows and foundations in Subnautica free game’s base to put them on the table.

Subnautica Seabase Planning

Conclusion and thanks

This guide is not very long for players in Subnautica crack game. Hopefully, you can have a good plan to recreate your creative seabases in Survival Mode. Also, find it for planning the next base.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
The scope of this guide is only for seabase construction in Subnautica game free. It doesn’t contain facilities like power, storage, fabricators or others.

Subnautica Seabase Planning
We also send thanks to the Subnautica wiki for useful information.

Subnautica Seabase Planning

It’s time for you to start your first building! Have much fun!

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