Subnautica: How To Tame A Stalker

Subnautica: How To Tame A Stalker

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Subnautica: How To Tame A Stalker

It is not simple to train a dangerous creature in Subnautica game, specifically a Stalker. We will have some basic but useful tips here. Get ready to join the challenge and own a new companion!

Find a Stalker

You can do not know where the Creepvine Forest is. Don’t worry! It is really near your spawn. Thus, you should continue moving forward and you can reach that place which is considered the home of Stalkers. These animals love to roam around that area and get close to the Crash Zone where the starship crashed into the blue planet in Subnautica xbox one. However, you also have the chance to see them in the Safe Shallows of Subnautica when they are chasing Peepers or other small fishes. After you look for the target, you can select one of them and embark on your job.

Find a Stalker

Let’s tame the Stalker!

There are two ways that we will introduce to you. The first one is by risking your life every day in Subnautica steam game and going up to a Stalker as well as feeding him favorite food, live Peepers. The remaining part is a bit easier. Nevertheless, it will depend on you. It means that you need to discover several spots and search for an egg. Obviously, it is not a safe activity. You can get troubles on the path, from other beasts or from Stalkers which can become mad when you try to steal their objects. Although that can cause damage to you or the death of you, it is a quicker plan.

Let's tame the Stalker!

Method 1 – Endanger yourself daily and hunt Peepers

As the title says, you will have to gather Peepers in the environment of Subnautica pc and give them to a Stalker. As there are only two techniques to do that, you are recommended to choose tricks carefully and do not get angry at the time when he eats or consumes. What you are asked to implement is to truly make certain that you can provide the same Stalker every single opportunity you have because it can be bewildering if there are indistinguishable Stalkers wandering around the region. Finally, they will not charge you frequently unless they are ravenous. Hence, you do not forget to cater for these guys regularly. Otherwise, you can be their next meal. When they are fed like that, they will get used to living around your main base.

Method 2 – Take a dip aimlessly, collect a Stalker egg, and swim for your life

It can be your favorite style. So, you are advised to check it. You do not ignore going with a Seaglide or a Seamoth when playing Subnautica game because they will help you rapidly get rid of the anger of parents of the egg that you expect to take. What you can accomplish before you engage in the new journey is to build up an Alien Containment Unit. That item will allow you to lay the egg in. Next, you must wait for it to hatch. That period will last for 2 or 3 in-game days. Then, you can keep it there or let it move out. If you leave it outside, you are forced to feed it Peepers in Subnautica and take care of that baby. It can make you more excited.


The section is added to learn much more about where Stalkers will shelter to protect themselves from something harmful, for example, the bad weather taking place in Subnautica xbox. It is totally optional. But, it will bring a nice decor to your base, especially in case you are conducting research on them. You can like to set up four platforms outside and close by your home or fill them to the brim with planters. If you have completed that, you can make the planters full with Creepvine seeds. When they have grown enough, you will be able to harvest without moving back and forth too many times. To draw a Stalker, you can have 1-5 creature decoys and slap them in the middle. Seeds will glow orange. Hope you enjoyed!

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