Subnautica The Definitive Guide: Introduction & The Basics Of Progression

Subnautica The Definitive Guide: Introduction & The Basics Of Progression

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Come to the definitive guide to Subnautica game you will have the opportunity to collect important information to progress quickly. Although most of the players say that they love Subnautica, they also have to agree that they felt annoyed to wander around an area multiple times only because they knew that an essential resource was subsisting in that place and they might miss it in the first time. Additionally, they did not get any method to find. In the tutorial that you receive below, we will make clear everything helpful without spoiling the meaning of discovery that Subnautica PC game brings to you.


The subject that we are talking about will not mention spoilers or mark them using the spoiler tag. For instance: example. So, we will consider a technology or tool in Subnautica game can be a spoiler, how and where to search for that may be a spoiler.

We will start by learning about the following exciting section.

The Basics of Progression

Before you accept to immerse yourself in the fascinating crafting system, you should have a mental model of how progression runs to play Subnautica game. It is the way that allows you to play more efficiently.

When you enter the world of the blue alien planet, you will be able to be acquainted with the progression. The main reward loop that it has will concentrate on looking for natural materials and blueprints. Additionally, you can craft them and turn them into handy tools and modern vehicles. With the newly upgraded character and items that you have already exercised skill in making, you can embark on an interesting adventure leading to wonderful areas giving you lots of better objects. The progression loop can actually meet your desires.

There will not be any clear research in the Subnautica game. Aside from that, the ability to acquire technologies will be locked behind your capabilities. For example, some technologies can be found only in a certain depth such as 100 or 200 meters. You cannot descend down if you do not have another tech. Meanwhile, others can be concealed in a room that you are forced to pick a special tool to approach them.

Key Progression Constraints

The progression in Subnautica steam game will be carried out in specific dimensions: how long a limited resource can exist, how much or how long you can resist a limiting aspect of unfriendly environmental conditions.

  • For Hunger and Thirst: If you’d like to continue your journey, you must survive by being prepared for the food and the drink before you depart. Because you can cook and create the water in your base, these two elements are constraints that you are recommended to pay attention to. They will decide how long you can withstand and discover without coming back.
  • The basic game loop will revolve around leaving the base, hunting resources, and be returning them to the beginning location as well as referring to crafting, improving, eating, drinking, and departing again.
  • Oxygen: If you determine to freely dive in Subnautica game, you will store and bring more oxygen. That is crucial to plunge head into the deeper zones. The oxygen length can be ameliorated by equipping oxygen tanks. There are many different tiers of the oxygen tank available. When you are swimming away from your home, the basic free-diving game loop includes descending below the surface, traveling, picking up resources, and heading back to rise out of the water (or another oxygen resource), and diving once more. Your individual oxygen supply will restrict the time you can free-drive away from the oxygen source.
  • Pressure: It will increase when you move deeper. Note that your oxygen is not infinite and every vehicle can be smashed or be crushed by the pressure. Don’t worry! You can overcome this weakness by inventing higher quality means.
  • Radiation: A few points on the map are being polluted with radiation. You must protect yourself from the effect of radiation when you expect to access these places.
  • Heat: Some locations of the Subnautica PC game are very hot. The temperature of the water can boil you. Attempt to put on proper suits to defend your body from the heat!

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