Subnautica Troubleshooting

Subnautica Troubleshooting

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Subnautica Troubleshooting

Playing Subnautica is the most awesome experience that you have ever had! As we know, Subnautica is a survival adventure game taking place under the water. The game has been launched with Early Access and still in development until now. Having issues with this awesome game is inevitable to happen, and it can get you confused or depressed whenever issues appear. However, you won’t have those matters anymore if you follow the full tutorial on Subnautica Troubleshooting. Check it out!

Minimum System Requirements

You need to ensure that your system can obtain the minimal requirements of Subnautica. You can find out what those requirements are on the store page on Steam. Since this is a unique 3D game featuring perfect graphics, it will surely demand at least 64-bit machine, an excellent graphics card and a bunch of Ram
Subnautica Troubleshooting

Video Card Drivers

Also, be sure that you already have the latest video card drivers. Occasionally, Unity3D doesn’t succeed in choosing your perfect graphics card if you own more than one. It will be better if you frequently update your graphics card drivers or even make a profile for your game in the control center of the graphics driver.
You can check out some of graphics card drivers by producer: Nvidia GeForce[], [], AMD/ATI cards[], Intel HD Graphics[]. You can learn more about those up-to-date drivers via Steam. Go to Steam menu, move to Check for Video Driver Updates and check out the guidance!

Subnautica Troubleshooting

Sound Card Drivers

The game utilizes FMOD audio libraries. But if you don’t install and establish the sound card accurately, the FMOD will breaks. For example, when you begin the Subnautica Configuration window, and when you already press the Play button, the crash happens.
You should get the latest update for your sound card driver on some of the sellers’ websites, such as RealTek[] and C-Media[].

Subnautica Troubleshooting

Windows 10 can sometimes have sound issues. They probably have nothing to do with Subnautica game but surely will stop the game from beginning. You need to check out these tutorials from Microsoft to repair the sound driver issues if you are a Windows 10 user.

Audio crashing

When launching your game, the crashing may happen to you. It’s possible for you to replace the sound frequency settings
For Windows Vista and 7, just open the Control Panel and click Open Sound
For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, find “sound” and got to the Sound Control Panel

Subnautica Troubleshooting
Now, go find Default Sound Device in the ‘Playback’ Tab. If you are a Realtek user, you can totally see the brand.
Click and choose “Properties.”

Subnautica Troubleshooting
From the top right of the window, click “Advanced” tab. Select “24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)” in the drop-down, click Apply and OK

Subnautica Troubleshooting
Probably, you have to restart the PC, then begin your game and check out if it operates OK

General Updates

Subnautica utilizes Unity 3D engine. If you have any problems relating to configuration, hardware, out of date drivers, you won’t find it exclusive to experience Subnautica. It is highly recommended that you should get the latest drivers and install them on your OS. Check out if anything appears in Windows Update.
Subnautica Troubleshooting


Steam sometimes doesn’t succeed in installing or updating Subnautica. If the installation of the game fails, the oddest bugs can occur. Just right-click the game in Steam and choose properties if you want to ensure that the installation can go fine. After that, move to Local Files and choose Verify Integrity of Game Cache. There will be some infrequent cases showing that the installation may fail, but the files will get past the permission. If you are in that case, just simply uninstall and install it once again.

Subnautica Troubleshooting


If the graphics card doesn’t assist Direct3D 11, and if you have other problems regarding the appearances of Subnautica, you can simply operate the game on Direct3D 9. Just right click the game in steam and choose Properties. Then, move to the General tab and select Set Launch Options. Set down -force-d3d9
click the Set Launch Options… button. Enter -force-d3d9. Note the leading dash.

Subnautica Troubleshooting

MacOSX Issues

There are some of the problems happening to MacOS X and Subnautica/Unity
If you are suing MacOs X, you are unable to switch the display resolution or enter bindings:

Subnautica Troubleshooting
Keep your option key down when beginning your game, uncheck the box:

Subnautica Troubleshooting
When you begin your game for the subsequent time, the option box should turn up
You will have to change the keyboard layout to QWERTY. Don’t worry; you can totally change it back!
Check out steps to change the keyboard input here [] This Unity engine problem won’t have an effect on people who are using Windows
If you open the full screen on MacOSX, it will be green screen
The background will turn very green if you play the game on Mac in full screen.

Subnautica Troubleshooting
If you play in a window, you can work this:

Subnautica Troubleshooting
To trigger or disable the full screen until the Water Background displays, you need to choose “Full Screen” check box in the settings menu.

Game gets suspended while loading

Please be calm if your game gets suspended while loading. Some people will experience this issue, particularly when they’re done with the updates. It will take around 1 minute for the game to be loaded on most of the machines, but it can take even longer for some of the players. All you have to do is to stay still and wait if you see the game turns white on the loading picture. Just let it turn white, you mustn’t click anything turning up, it will take you around 5 minutes to wait and then check out if the game returns.

Subnautica Troubleshooting

Game crashes while playing

Most of us know that the game may crash on several machines after operating for a few minutes or even hours. Enhancing this case is sometimes impossible, and there will be some of the likely cause that can be beyond our control. The usual problems will be like this: not obtaining the least system requirements, out of date drivers, no memory left, and overheating
You should check the system requirements, keep your drivers updated, shut other unnecessary applications, give good ventilation.
There are two likely sources of the breaking, including bugs that we are currently utilizing in Unity 3D game, and the ones in shader code. The bugfixes of Unity are being merged right after they are approachable; the shader code is also enhanced without ceasing.

Mouse pointer offset

The present build may have a problem with the mouse pointer. The mouse clicks probably won’t turn up at the similar position in which the mouse pointer is. It can happen when you want to click New Game, but you will accidentally click Options. And also, it will be hard for you to utilize Fabricator menu because you may not be able to click the icons.
If you have trouble with the mouse, it probably means that the game is being run in fullscreen mode. You can simply repair this issue by playing the game in Window mode or choose a proper resolution.

Subnautica Troubleshooting

In-Game Feedback System

With the feedback system in the game, you can totally report and claim the troubles, matters or any bugs that you met in the game. You need to hit F8 for using it. The game will pause, and you can see a feedback panel turning up. This panel provides you with a lot of options to send your feedback to the development team. You can mark your feedback with various categories such as bug, issue, gameplay trouble or something like that; then the team will sort out and focus on those reports. Check out the Development feedback tutorial for further details.

Ask for help

You can also ask for help if you encounter more random problems. Go to Subnautica forums [] and send your questions. Remember to attach a brief description of your problem to accelerate the process. Also, you need to ensure that the log file is attached in case of breaking.

Log Files

You can send your email along with the log file to the development team if the community members on the forums can’t help you. You are required to attach a brief description of the problem to accelerate the process.

Development Updates

Since the game is still in Early Access and development, there will be more changes, updates that come out in future. With the Development Updates, you can get more tutorials on how to discover what the team is working on, how to send your thoughts to them when you can hope for the updates and how to obtain them.

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