How To Survive Easily In Subnautica Game

How To Survive Easily In Subnautica Game

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How to survive easily in Subnautica game

You should spend a bit time to catch up with our latest guide which shows you how to stay alive without difficulty when playing Subnautica game.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to launch your adventure.

If you spot the red small thingy, you will be able to move up to it and open that item so you will take its supplies.

After that, you may want to hop out of the current area. You can do that and embark on collecting materials for 1 or 2 minutes.

When you finish that job, quickly come back to the Fabricator and you will craft the initial basic stuff there.


When you complete crafting every necessary object, you can go back out and gather more resources for at least 2-3 minutes.

In Subnautica steam game, you can shorten the times if you are a cat.

Next, do not forget to create more crap!

You have done the earliest tutorial to become a survivalist.

We will reach the second instruction.

Step 2:

Metal Salvage

You can get one Metal Salvage or 2 from the Creepvine zone. It is a place that provides a good amount. However, you have to be careful of Stalkers!

When you interact with the resources button, you can begin to generate Titanium. Then, you are allowed to craft much more.

Step 3:

Engage in the cool Subnautica pc game and you will have the chance to explore as well as to pick up lots of valuable materials or put up a builder or whatever.

You are recommended to set up a foundation, too. It is effective for activities of your base.


After you have a foundation, you can continue to get more Titanium.

When you own enough Titanium, you do not ignore building a few corridors.

Now, you have had a little of a base.

Step 4:

Congrats! You have built a tiny house. It is essential to upgrade it!


You need to grab some Quartz and produce Glass.

Get Titanium and make a hatch

You can enter the new home

But, you are advised to add something.

Step 5:

Titanium is an important material in Subnautica xbox one game. Thus, you should obtain as much as possible. It’s great to get loads of Titanium!

Besides, be the owner of more foundations for the passageways.

After a short time to wait, you can accomplish your base.

Deconstruct the Fabricator

You will put the tools inside. See what you will need for a fabricator or follow the lazy method and deconstruct the fabricator in your pod.

Do not control the fabricator! You have to get some power.

Keep going ahead and seek proper ingredients for the solar panel, which offers a power source to your base once per day.

You have erected up a base.

Step 6:

Attempt to find food and water if you’d like to survive in Subnautica game!


You can capture them after you get out of the base and dive into the deep blue sea. You can catch fishes. Bladderfish will supply you water. You are not required to cook them.

You have food blocks anyways. If you ate them, you must eat the fish.

Build a scanner to look for crap

It is harder to manufacture a Seaglide because you have to gather fragments.

Step 7:

Everything has been arranged and you can move to the biggest ship. Watch out! Do not get too close or you can get troubles!


Make an effort to search for Seamoth fragments!

You have survived for at least 100 days in Subnautica xbox game.

Step 8:

You are staying alive well. Nevertheless, more fragments will be useful for the vehicle builder and others.

Reaper Leviathan

When you save enough resources, you can craft the Seamoth. It will make you feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, you can be attacked by the Reaper Leviathan lurking in shadows.

Step 9:

It is indispensable to possess a Cyclops in Subnautica game!

You will scan fragments before creating it.

Thanks for your reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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