Task Tree for Subnautica Game: Section I – Story Objectives

Task Tree for Subnautica Game: Section I – Story Objectives

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Subnautica Game Story Objectives

Section I: Story Objectives

Play Subnautica game you should know that there are two meta-goals that you need to complete.

  • Firstly, build up a Neptune Rocket and launch it to leave the blue planet.
  • Secondly, disable the quarantine enforcement platform and you will not be blown to small pieces when you throw yourself into space again.

If you try to fulfill these quests, you can get ready to fly away. They are divided and create the actual gameplay hours. There are two separate lists related to targets.Subnautica Putting up the Neptune

Putting up the Neptune

  • Do not forget to search for the appropriate blueprints for what you are about to set in Subnautica Pc!
    • You can allow the Aurora ship to explode. That only causes you to wait for some days. Additionally, it is obligatory for the progression of the story.
    • Reach the cabin of the captain located inside the starship. Do not ignore the radio message because it will give you the access code!
    • Have the underw. It is the blueprint from his cabin.
  • Scavenge necessary materials for the structure in the future.
    • Titanium Ingot x2 | Computer chip x1 | Lead x4 to erect the launch platform
    • Plasteel Ingot x1 | Copper Wire x1 | Lubricant x1 for the gantry
    • Plasteel Ingot x1 | Nickel x3 | Aerogel x2 | Wiring Kit x1 for engines
    • Plasteel Ingot x1 | Crystalline Sulfur x4 | Kyanite x4 | Ion Power Cells x2 for fuel reserves
    • Plasteel Ingot x1 | Enameled Glass x1 | Computer chip x1| Cyclops Shield Generator x1 for the cockpit
  • Construct Neptune’s pieces one by one, beginning with the platform. The next one will be unlocked once you finish the existing build stage. The initial part í built from the Mobile Vehicle Bay. Meanwhile, remaining ones will be arranged from the station on the platform itself.

Disabling the quarantine enforcement platform

  • To put out of the action of the item in Subnautica download, you are forced to cure you of the bacteria by making the hatching enzyme from the Fabricator.
  • If you’d like to generate the enzyme, you will obtain its blueprint from the sea emperor.
  • To have the object from that, you will enter the containment facility after you own 2 blue tablets.
  • 1 purple tablet will be chosen to approach the blue one in Subnautica download game.
  • Meantime, you will scan the previous tablet to gather the blueprint and craft the second. Do not select the first one before scanning! Otherwise, the game will fail.
  • If you find the proper design for the enzyme, you will bring together 5 materials that you have already gathered in Subnautica steam so as to be prepared for making it.
  • Eyestalk seed (stay close to the officer Keen’s descended lifepod)
  • Fungal sample (in any Mushroom Forest)
  • Bulb bush seed (live in deep and in Ampeels biome)
  • Ghost weed seed (in Lost River or in a few blood kelp forests)
  • Sea crown (in somewhere on the grounds of the emperor’s room, it is very small and difficult to see)
  • When you get enough 5 resources, you can embark on crafting the enzyme from the Fabricator. After the enzyme is available, you will apply it to eggs of the Sea Emperor that you found while swimming around Subnautica game. They will hatch and offer the cure.
  • Then, you can head to the quarantine enforcement platform again when your health is restored. Go to the terminal and choose the button. The weapon will shut down.

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