Task Tree for Subnautica Game: Section II – Equipment & Vehicle Objectives

Task Tree for Subnautica Game: Section II – Equipment & Vehicle Objectives

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Section II – Equipment & Vehicle Objectives

If you have ever ready Section I: Story Objectives for Subnautica game, you will be aware of steps to complete these missions after you erect a Neptune Rocket to launch off-planet, disable the quarantine enforcement platform not to blow you to smithereens when you release. Now, we have the continuous entry. It is an exciting section of the new guide reserved for Subnautica game. There are several objectives by pazartesi_gorusuruz for generating and improving his appliances and vehicles after he embarks on the adventure. It is considered as the path that he used while not advancing the story. He said that upgrading and expanding his gear was a very fun part of the game. You are able to refer the following information to learn much more about what he wanted to show.

Build equipment, tools & deployable items

Tools are very useful since they will make difficulties that you face become easier and more entertaining. Currently, blueprints for a few of these are present around the location. Some will not require any design and you can craft them immediately. He identified that he is not an expert on the blueprint areas in Subnautica steam and still looks for them in a normal way in his playthroughs. Unluckily, he cannot make a list of those places. However, you can find a good description on Wiki. They will give you the address of everything.

Build equipment, tools & deployable items


  • Rebreather
  • Fins
  • Oxygen tank
  • Radiation Suit (A blueprint is added automatically after the Aurora ship explodes)


  • Survival knife (it is extremely crucial to stab something in the butt)
  • Scanner (it is essential to know new things before you stab)
  • Flashlight (it is significant to see the target)
  • Habitat builder (it is necessary for sta- building bases and adjusting the inner of your Cyclops)
  • Airbladder (it will be the key for only the extremely early portion of Subnautica download game in which you do not have the own rebreather or an ultra high capacity oxygen tank or any means of transport. He used it for a quick ascend when he dives deep down to pick up resources. Note that not many people choose that method! And even he stops it after making the initial upgrade for the oxygen tank.
  • Repair tool
  • Lazer cutter


  • Seaglide
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay
  • Beacon (put up some different objects for launching at main zones for when moving between vital biomes)

Craft vehicles


Seamoth in Subnautica game can increase the exploration range, especially when you stay in bottomless regions.

  • 1 storage module (for 2 food, 2 water, 2 medkits, repair tool, lazer cutter, and 6 available slots)
  • 1 hull reinforcement module. Elective, it can make you feel less of a wimp when you are roaming around reaper areas. Additionally, it will decrease fish collision damage. You can utilize diamonds for others instead.


Prawn is usually arranged in the second position because you can unlock it whilst you are traveling around the wreck Aurora and you can begin to mine materials afterward, which is an ideal progression boost.

  • 2 storage modules (lower back and forth bringing mined resources back to the base)
  • 1 depth module
  • 1 drill arm
  • 1 jumpsuit upgrade module if you have already gotten it without finishing the Subnautica Pc


  • 1 decoy upgrade module
  • 1 depth module
  • 1 engine efficiency module (simple to search, reduces the difficulty level of your task until you open up ion power cells)
  • 1 shield generator module (obligatory for the Neptune anyway)
  • 1 thermal reactor module
  • 1 docking bat repair module

The guide may be regarded as a permanent work in progress since Subnautica game is in development and everything can change.

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