Bones Update

Bones Update

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Subnautica is a fantastic survival adventure game taking place in an open world where you will have to attempt to exist and adapt every situation. Subnautica is a great exploration game being created by Unknown Worlds, the independent developer behind Natural Selection 2.

After a crash, your spaceship lands on an alien ocean. It is heavily damaged. This strange ocean includes a large area, from sun-drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches. In Subanutica game, you will dive into a vast underwater world to collect resources, craft tools like knives, lights, diving gear and personal water craft, construct your own habitats with bases on the sea floor to store resources, park vehicles, and replenish oxygen supplies, disrupt the food chain, control the pressure by building a Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit, or PRAWN Suit, face fear and lots of dangerous creatures like the predators.  Besides, you can explore cave systems below the seabed.

Bones Update

As of now, Subnautica game launched several updates. This proves that the team of developers tries to work hard to be able to make the game more exciting. In the latest update, we will learn more about Bones.


Get lost in the depths of the Lost River

The Bone Update has been launched on Steam! The Lost Rive zone is going to be completed in this update with additions to areas throughout. You can roam around from the Bone Fields to the Lava Zone Connection. There are a lot of things to see on your path. Click the following video to see more:

Lost River Zone

This zone expands with four improved areas consisting of the Bone Fields, the Ghost Forest, the Lava Zone Connection, and the Lost River Junction. You will find something new and improved everywhere you reach. But, keep away from the acid!


River Prowler

River Prowler is a new creature of the Bone Fields in the Lost River zone. It is pretty aggressive. And you should not underestimate this creature while exploring Subnautica game.

Bones Update

Precursor Base

There is another mysterious area in the Lost River zone can be found.

Bones Update


It’s possible to encounter a Reefbacks! Reefbacks now can spawn with reefs on their back. You will see a lot of variations and a baby Reefbacks alongside them. These “gentle giant” have the new name, Reefs. The flora which grows on the Reefback is created at random to help players has another new look. You are possible to gather many valuable resources when breaking some barnacles on the back. Bones Update


Abilities of Mesmer are improved and upgraded to become more enchanting. Remember to pay attention to these nasty ones because they can pull you in and mesmerize you before they bite you!

Bones Update


You can use Pipes in Subnautica to bring oxygen to areas either using the Pipe Floater or the Pipe Base Connector. By using a Fabricator, you can create and build five pipes at the same time.

Bones Update

Still & Reinforced Dive Suits

The Reinforced Dive suit and the Still suit own unique models.

Bones Update

HTC Vive Support

Subnautica game now runs on HTC Vive!

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