Early Access Gameplay Montage

Early Access Gameplay Montage

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Early Access Gameplay Montage

Early Access Gameplay Montage
Check out early Access Gameplay Montage video of Subnautica game right now! The game has just featured a new gameplay video which can be utilized on Steam, Xbox Preview Program, and Oculus storefronts. The video was shot on average graphics settings at 1280 X 720 resolution, and the in-game graphics won’t be oversold on other various platforms.

Watch the gameplay below and experience it:

In the video, you can see that there are various stuff to do while being under water. Your spaceship has been greatly damaged because of the big crash, you have no choice but diving into the water and hunting for the essential resources for your survival. The game is viewed as a long process ahead! Players have to rebuild their base and construct more submarines for their survival under the water. Craft weapons, fill up the inventory with precious items, go hunt for the materials, fight against wicked aquatic creatures and conquer the whole ocean!

You can enjoy the soundtrack in the video above, this song’s named Abandon Ship written by Simon:

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