Entering The Inactive Lava Zone

Entering The Inactive Lava Zone

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Entering The Inactive Lava Zone


In Subnautica online game, there is a lack of information related to how to approach the Inactive Lava Zone and the Active Lava Zone. So, we hope this guide will help you find the way that you want. There are some annotated videos that you can watch. They display the path that the adventurer used.


Before you start your adventure and discover the depths of the inactive lava Zone, you should follow the list below.

  • You need to build a compass first.
  • Next, build a Cyclops.
  • Also, install the Cyclops Ultra Hull Reinforcement Module.
  • Building a P.R.A.W.N. Exosuit is a necessary task.
  • Don’t forget to install Pressure Compensator Mk2 (minimum).
  • Remember to fix the Aurora Reactor so as to use the rebreather near the Aurora!
  • Ample supplies of food, drink as well as power cells are very important.
  • Bring Nav-Aids, too.

With this suggestion, your journey in Subnautica PC game is relatively safe.

The compass is absolutely essential, which support you to determine the right direction. Take one if you’d like to visit the ILZ. Not only that the food and drink are the basic necessities. Don’t let yourself die of thirst or starvation when you immerse in the dark!

Optional items:

  • Flares
  • Light Stick
  • Handheld Flash Light
  • Stillsuit

Navigational Aids

The navigation aids should be gotten out of the way. While you are trying to navigate in an utterly dark tunnel of Subnautica online, your visibility will be limited. You can only see things in the range of 20 to 30 feet. Unfortunately, the light of the Cyclops and P.R.A.W.N. will not make it easier for you much until you hit a wall. Meanwhile, the daylight will only assist or improve your visibility a little. Keep calm if you experience such a situation! Once you lose your way in the process, you can hit the cavern ceiling and disorient. An appropriate strategy will become useful. There are two methods for you including beacons and bread crumbs.

Entering The Inactive Lava Zone


Beacons are the item providing a HUD marker and query the player frequently. Nevertheless, the downside that they have is having no distance measurement between you and their area. Especially, they will not supply light in the dark depths. They are cheap and easy for you to make quickly, though. In addition, you can carry a large number and create a string as you want. Beacons cost 2 Copper and 1 Titanium. They just account one inventory slot.

Bread Crumbs:

Bread Crumbs mean something that you can devise on your own. They are the exterior grow bed in the Subnautica story which full of creepvine. It is regarded as the most bioluminescent flora in Subnautica game. They will not be seen much in the darkness. However, you can utilize them as one of the kinds of the navigation aids. After you reach out to the proper location, you can move along the bread crumbs through the cavern depths to the ILZ. The bread crumbs also have some disadvantages. They will take up lots of inventory spaces. Therefore, you can make ready for trips back and forth while you are lighting the path. It will take you a while to begin giving light. Bread crumbs cost 1 Titanium and 6 creepvine seed clusters. They account 26 inventory slots. You can use one of these navigation aids or both of them. Don’t be afraid if your supplies are running low!

About Spotlights

You can be attracted to throw down some foundations and a spotlight or two. Don’t do that! The powerful lights will be the great advantage for you when you are in the blackness. Actually, they will consume lots of power. Indeed, the spotlights will need 0.1 power per second to operate.

Simple math:

  • Bioreactors can supply 1 energy every 12 seconds.
  • As mentioned above, the spotlight will cost 0.1 energy/ second.
  • This makes you deficit -0.2 of the energy. So, you have to own at least 2 bioreactors control a single spotlight at a certain level. In case the power requirement is changed in the next time, a string of mini-bases with spotlights can become extremely helpful. Currently, it drains your resource a lot.

The Descent

This is the assumption, in which you are attempting to get into the ILZ from a side of the Subnautica online map where the Aurora crash site is positioned. According to the map, there is a subsection along with the approximate coordinates of the ILZ cavern entrance which is marked. It is around 480 meters below the bow of the Aurora. As well, there is a Reaper Leviathan moving near the front of the wreckage. Thus, be careful of it if you are controlling your P.R.A.W.N. Exosuit. this creature can catch you if you travel too far from the right.

To search for this area, you can depart at the Aurora in the Koosh zone which is located at North of the ship and go to the ridge line southeast until it drops off in front of the wreckage. After you move down about 450-480 meters, you can head North-East and continue until you see:

Entering The Inactive Lava Zone

It is the correct entrance to the ILZ cavern!

Into the Darkness

Note that all of the headings or depths coming from a P.R.A.W.N. Exosuit! If you are putting on a Cyclops, you should realize that the altitudes have some differences. You are warned to pay attention to the Cyclops. It’s very difficult for you to use in the cramped tunnels, the place where you must decide to pick out the suitable navigation aid. For the daylight, you will be assisted hours. But, it only increases the visibility in the cavern not considerably. You will get disoriented in the darkness very fast because it can’t last too long. Go forward or strive to feel the way to the ILZ by yourself. Leave beacons or bread crumbs when you keep moving!

  • When you enter the cavern, you can know that the terrain will drop off unexpectedly before it juts back upward. From the entrance, you can head north into other caves. Finally, you will explore a pillar splitting the passage into two.

  • Follow the left fork and continue west till finding the next wall. From that position, you can head along the wall to the right. You should do this until you discover a depth of about 600 meters. Turn north and go forward to a small and sheer drop about 650 meters. At this coordinates, you can head northwest until the terrain drops off entirely at the depth of about 685 meters.

  • Try to take control of the dangers and take a break before thinking of the Exosuit used in deep space! Then, you are able to jump off the sheer drop and move down to a depth of about 800 meters.
  • Grab the wall to the left side and head west.
  • Go to another sheer drop at 800 meters down, jump off it again.
  • Land at about 1020-1050 meters down
  • Head southwest. The left wall can be seen clearly.
  • The left wall will become fade away. Head southwest until you hit another. At this time, you will be at about 1200 meters down.
  • Hug the wall to the left and come behind the southwest. The water will turn green slightly.

The entrance of ILZ is a good place to construct a small base, which giving an ideal shelter from the nearby wild environment.

Spoiler Coordinates

This is the list of some spoiler coordinates that you can use in Subnautica PC to the ILZ. The second number is the depth below the water in meters.

  • Koosh Zone Wreck: 898-176 614
  • Cliff to Entrance: 932-203 333
  • Entrance: 1215-478 286
  • Marker 1: 1201-531 361
  • First Fork in Cavern (head left): 1166-563 478
  • Wall West of Fork: 1056-606 465
  • Bend Towards First Sheer Drop: 1105-654 638
  • First Drop: 1075-683 701
  • Bottom of First Drop: 1017-797 747
  • Halfway to Second Drop: 892-852 817
  • Second Drop: 700-881 919
  • Bottom of Second Drop: 634-1079 962
  • Second Wall (head right): 439-1215 815
  • Water Changes Color: 318-1234 759
  • Entrance to ILZ, aka ILZCorridor: 137, -1240, 563

Entering The Inactive Lava Zone

Video Guides

It’s free for you to have a practical look involving the exploration that you are going to engage!

Wreckage to ILZ cavern entrance

ILZ cavern entrance to ILZ

The complete trip with coordinates shown and annotated

ILZ to cavern entrance with P.R.A.W.N. Exosuit without jump jet upgrade

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