Subnautica Below Zero: Micro Update Released

Subnautica Below Zero: Micro Update Released

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Micro Update Released

Micro is considered as a small update to upgrade Subnautica Below Zero game. Note that it is not a major feature release! Micro will go with plenty of bug fixes and several improvements. It will solve some but not all of the problems that your feedback sent after Below Zero is introduced.

Micro is a patch for the new chapter of Subnautica game. It is created to check out another triple-store build deployment system which offers the update to different places such as Epic, Discord, and Steam shops at once. The dev team expects to make sure that their Subnautica expansion will be able to run in the proper way before they publish the key feature release.

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Furthermore, do not forget to send them your comments! They love to hear from you in the internal feedback system in Subnautica epic games (F8 while joining), or on their forums, or in our Discord chat.

Remember that Below Zero is an unfinished Subnautica expansion! It still has issues. Try to give the dev team your troubles so they will throw them away during Early Access!

We have a clear changelog to Subnautica game.


  • The Ice floes in Subnautica Below Zero is remade to look less flat. Moreover, they can transfer to snow faster.
  • The Oxygen which is collected from Titan Holefish in Below Zero is lessened from 100 to 300.
  • Meanwhile, the Titan Holefish Oxygen recharge time climbs up to 40 seconds.
  • The rocket island signal text becomes more clearly comprehensible.
  • Resources in the alien cave of Subnautica Below Zero can blend with the surrounding ice without difficulty.
  • Supply Drops will be selected when falling.
  • Got rid of Crash Fish spawns outside Sanctuary
  • Spawn fewer aggressive beasts in the one location in Thermal Spires


They are a vital section in Micro Update for your Subnautica game.

  • Avalanche & tower falling sounds
  • The camera shakes in avalanche
  • Many hot springs located on the rocket island, along with weaks for the terrain
  • Two icebergs in shallows
  • Hanging icicles on cave facade
  • Heat effects in nearness to heat sources
  • Pengling hold animations

Bug fixes

To make Subnautica Below Zero work stronger, they must be removed as soon as possible.

  • Actually, you can find changes to Sanctuary physics consisting of collision mesh.
  • PDA in Subnautica game will light in the right way in Research Base.
  • Research Base collision has been reset to reduce falling or sticking.
  • Tooltip on Research Base PRAWN suits is improved.
  • Steam version will not begin vanilla Subnautica.
  • Unexpected Supply Drop with the “Null” item inside will be taken away.
  • Resolved the Pengwing spelling error
  • Tools and walk/stand poses can animate rightly.
  • The camera will not clip inside Life Pod.
  • It is impossible to utilize the Fabricator from outside Drop Pod!
  • You cannot scan Fabricator in Drop Pod
  • Life Pod Fabricator will not be chosen with Propulsion Cannon
  • Not continued entity slots, for instance, loot, from floating
  • Eliminated floating territory in Shallow Twisty Bridges
  • Unappropriated mesh from small coral kelp plant has been discarded.
  • You can test Ladders in the ice lake & rocket base of Subnautica expansion.
  • Drop Pod legs can be unleashed.
  • Drop Pod can transmit the exact signal.
  • Bioscanner & Biosample in Subnautica expansion will not be dropped or lost.
  • Pickup up a Builder tool to open the Builder recipe


  • Modified Level-Of-Detail (LOD) on small coral kelp plant in Subnautica Below Zero
  • Added culling of invisible items to the elevator in the alien base
  • Optimized the cloud rendering
  • Turned off clouds when underwater

Get ready to buy Subnautica Below Zero game and embark on your adventure now!

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