Subnautica Dev Update

Subnautica Dev Update

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Subnautica Dev Update

Subnautica game is now available on PC Mac, Xbox One, & PlayStation 4! It a good time to dive into a mysterious underwater world hiding lots of wonder and peril! Actually, Subnautica is officially launched on both platforms including PlayStation & Xbox One. You are able to visit the homepage and buy Subnautica game quickly at here

Evidently, given it is Steam, it is not the most interesting notification to introduce here. However, it creates an unforgettable event for the dev team and everybody who loves Subnautica pc game. They also stated that they owed fans a big thank-you.

They declared that they had never released a game on consoles before. It is a frightening new world. If you do not support them, their great community of players Steam will not be able to exist and they cannot have a chance to make the cool Subnautica steam game appear on Xbox or PlayStation.

People who have engaged in Subnautica game through Steam Early Access and throughout launch later offered a large number of useful feedback together with bug reports. Not only that, these users helped the dev team set up a solid game after that. If they did not complete those tasks, the console release would have been out of the question. We have two images related to the versions on PlayStation & Xbox One here.

Subnautica Dev Update

These buddies provided several awful frame rates with numerous horrible issues, and they waited for a very long time. If you want to own a console copy of Subnautica game, you can begin to experience the purchase options at here

The team promised that they would always appreciate every retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook  that you thought that it was pertinent. In case you have friends or family who like to explore games on consoles, you can inform them that Subnautica PS4 and Xbox options are now active.

About Below Zero

Even as they start on consoles, they are cranking the entire steam ahead on Below Zero, which is known as a building stand-alone expansion to the fun-addicting Subnautica pc game. It is regarded as another chapter of your adventure which will be carried out in a frozen and arctic region of Planet 4546B after events of the original game. You can see more here

Game development is a super unpredictable job. Their plan is to release Below Zero in Early Access as soon as they can.

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